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Air Quality Permits

Your business may impact the air quality in Albuquerque. Air Quality permits help businesses operate while protecting public health and our natural resources.


Compliance and Enforcement oversees asbestos removal in Albuquerque.

Asbestos removal is a regulated activity.

Fugitive Dust

Compliance and Enforcement helps minimize fugitive dust in Albuquerque.

Dust at construction sites can be managed.

Open Burn

Compliance and Enforcement helps minimize open burning in Albuquerque.

Burn piles larger than 3 square feet need a permit.

Stationary Source

Compliance and Enforcement regulate stationary source polutants in Albuquerque.

Stationary Sources of pollution may be regulated.


Pending Air Quality Permit Applications in Albuquerque – Bernalillo County

App # Name Comment On Comment Period Ends
0994-M1 COA Dept of Municipal Development Application Closed for comment
3340 New Mexico Terminal Services, LLC Application Closed for comment
3292-M1 C&C Services, LLC. Technical Analysis November 30, 2020
1820-M2 DOE Sandia National Labs/ New Mexico Application Closed for comment

Public Information Hearing Policy and Request Form

In November 2020, the Environmental Health Department clarified the definitions for “significant public interest” and “significant air quality issue” related to air quality construction permits, and clarified the procedure for requesting a Public Information Hearing. 

The state air quality code (Regulation 20.11.41 NMAC) states that “if the Environmental Health Department director determines there is significant public interest in the air quality permit application and a significant air quality issue is involved the Department shall hold a public information hearing pursuant to NMAC.”

The Department clarified the terms and request procedure to ensure it is using its limited resources efficiently and effectively to serve all of Bernalillo County. Permitting requirements and the overall permitting process have not changed, only the procedure for requesting a Public Information Hearing. 

Public interest is considered significant if: 

  • Five or more individuals request a Public Information Hearing
  • A request includes a petition signed by five or more individuals
  • A request is submitted by an elected official who represents the area surrounding the proposed action

An air quality issue is considered significant if:

  • It relates to a Title V stationary source
  • It relates to a Synthetic Minor stationary source
  • It is specific to air quality permitting regulations and is based on the permitting action described in the Public Notice

To request a Public Information Hearing: Simply complete the Public Information Hearing Request Form and submit it to the Permitting Division via mail or e-mail within 30 days of the Public Notice. Instructions and addresses are included on the form.

Following the 30-day comment period, the Department will review all requests within 10 business days to evaluate if there is significant public interest and a significant air quality issue. Based on the evaluation, the department Director will determine if a Public Information Hearing will be held.

Download the Public Information Hearing Request Form here.

View all Air Quality Notifications issued here.

Air Quality Notifications Issued in the Previous Month

Record # Facility Name Company Name Location Description

Murphy 9700 Montgomery GDF

Murphy Oil USA, Inc. 9700 Montgomery Boulevard NE Gas dispensing facility with two underground storage tanks

 Applicable Regulations

View air quality regulations applicable to operators in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County.