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Fugitive Dust Program

Due to this, please email all Fugitive Dust Control Permit Applications to [email protected] at this time. If you have any questions concerning fugitive dust, please call us at 505-768-1972 or email [email protected].   

Payment should be made by check or money order payable to the City of Albuquerque.

Mail to: 
Environmental Health Department Fugitive Dust Air Quality Program
PO Box 1293  
Albuquerque, NM 87103

Ask for an invoice and pay online at:

Notice: The City of Albuquerque's credit card processing vendor will be charging a 2.75% service fee for each credit/debit card transaction processed. The City of Albuquerque does not benefit from this fee. Please note this charge is for payments by credit/debit card only. You will have the option to pay by

e-Check without any service fee.

Information about the Fugitive Dust Program

Dirt tracked onto paved surfaces contributes significantly to Bernalillo County's particulate matter (PM10) air pollution.

Fugitive Dust Control Requirements

To reduce these types of emissions, Bernalillo County requires that dirt tracked onto paved surfaces be promptly removed and that measures be taken to control dust from operations, such as construction, landscaping, and road work at all times.

A Fugitive Dust permit is required for all jobs that will disturb three-quarters (¾) of an acre or more of soil. Permit applications for fugitive dust are available at either the downtown Environmental Health Department Office (3rd floor), the West Side Office or can be downloaded.

Fugitive Dust Workshop

Register now for the City of Albuquerque's next Fugitive Dust Control Workshop and Certification Training. The workshop will be held in the spring of 2024 and the date is TBD.

Fugitive Dust Permits

Download Date range Notes
2023 Fugitive Dust Construction Application December 31, 2022 through present.

A fugitive dust control construction permit is for a person who plans to conduct active operations that will disturb three-quarters of an acre or more of any activity preparatory to or related to building, altering, rehabilitating, demolishing or improving property that results in a disturbed surface area, including but not limited to grading, excavation, loading, crushing, pavement milling, cutting, clearing, grubbing, topsoil removal, blading, shaping, dry sweeping, blasting and ground breaking.

2023 Fugitive Dust Programmatic Application December 31, 2022 through present.

A fugitive dust control programmatic permit is required for single or multiple facility locations to address real property totaling three-quarters of an acre or more that is subject to routine maintenance, routine surface disturbance activities, or routine ongoing active operations.

If you are not sure whether or not your property or job site will require a fugitive dust permit, please call the Air Quality Program at 505-768-1972.

More Dust Control Information