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Request a Film Permit

The Albuquerque Film Office's digital film permit process

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Contact the Albuquerque Film Office:
[email protected]

Film Permitting: Now Online

Follow these steps to start your application:

  • Create an account using your email address
  • Create a Film Permit Application
  • Provide information about your production, answer questions pertaining to your filming details (Road closures, site plan and more)
  • Upload or provide information on filming details
  • Submit your permit and it will be routed to the appropriate departments for questions or approvals

The City of Albuquerque’s Film Permitting Process is designed to make recommendations and establish guidelines for activities based on city ordinances, requirements and regulations for activities hosted by citizens, businesses and organizations. These recommendations and requirements are intended to minimize impact on area residents, businesses and organizations, and ensure the City’s ability to provide emergency services to the public.

Do I Need a Permit?

A Film Permit is Required If:

  • Filming activities occur on City of Albuquerque property
  • Film equipment is placed on City of Albuquerque property
  • Production and/or crew vehicles are parked on City of Albuquerque property
  • Special circumstances exist, including:
    • Filming activities occur between 10pm-7am
    • Filming activities are in or adjacent to a residential area
    • There will be pyrotechnics or other explosives
    • Smoke, water or flame effects will be used
    • Real or artificial firearms will be used
    • There will be vehicle chases and/or crashes

A Film Permit is NOT Required If:

  • There is no filming activity on City of Albuquerque property
  • There will be no equipment placed on City of Albuquerque property
  • No production and/or crew vehicles will be parked on City of Albuquerque property
  • No special circumstances apply
  • Filming is done by news agencies reporting on current events

A film permit is required if production activities occur on City of Albuquerque property or take place at night.

Still not sure? Reach out to the Albuquerque Film Office at 505-768-3289 or [email protected].