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Leads Online ~ Pawned/Stolen Property

The Albuquerque Police Department uses LeadsOnline as a method of tracking and recovering stolen property sold to businesses (pawn shops, metal recyclers, second hand stores, etc) throughout the city.

LeadsOnline LogoBusiness members upload inventory and pictures so that law enforcement can review items to see if they have been reported stolen. The goal is to arrest offenders and return stolen property to its rightful owner. Businesses can register for free at LeadsOnline.

LeadsOnline is also used to identify individuals involved in the manufacture and sale of methamphetamine. In addition, it also allows detectives to review items posted for sale on EBAY.

There is a component called ReportIt that allows citizens to store an inventory of personal belongings on line. The inventory includes serial numbers, descriptions, pictures and receipts. ReportIt makes it easier to provide insurance companies and law enforcement with complete descriptions of items taken during home invasions. Citizens can register at ReportIt: Citizen Property Inventory System.

The ultimate goal is to reduce property crimes in Albuquerque by catching crooks and cooks.