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Right-of-Way Activities & Permit Applications

Apply for a permit or understand how to submit an application as a new or returning contractor.

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Application Help Sheet

Download: Application Help Sheet

The Construction Coordination Section of the Construction Services Division organizes most activities conducted in public right-of-way, including issuing excavation/barricade permits, inspecting all barricaded sites, and distributing traffic bulletins to media outlets.

To determine what type of closure you need before submitting an application, please visit Permitting Process.


To download an application form, choose your desired format from the following options:

Please note, all applications must be submitted at least fourteen (14) calendar days prior to your anticipated start date.

Also, please review our permit fees for estimating a general fee.

If your company or business regularly submits applications with the City of Albuquerque, you may be interested in direct application submission.

For more information, please contact our office: (505) 924-3400.

Barricades & Barricade Companies

If your activity requires barricades, please refer to our Barricade Company List.

These companies can be hired to coordinate traffic, rent individual barricades, and section off roads, sidewalk, and public paths for your activity in question.

Please note any activity altering or interfering right-of-way traffic (be it pedestrian or vehicular,) must be properly barricaded by certified individuals. If you aren't sure what type of barricading your activity requires, please contact our office.

Application Procedure for Contractors

Depending on your right-of-way activity, the Construction Services Division may require additional documentation or licensing before issuing a permit. These items may be proof of licensing, or certain bonds and certificates.

Please review the Procedure to Obtain Permits (in the document below), and obtain the necessary bonds/licenses prior to submitting your application.

If you are unsure what documents you may need, please contact the Construction Services Division at (505) 924-3400.