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City Real Estate Sales & Services

The Real Property Division provides real estate services for the City of Albuquerque.

Current Properties For Sale

What We Do

The Real Property Division is dedicated to providing comprehensive, professional real estate services for the benefit of the City of Albuquerque. Staff members provide expertise and guidance to City Departments in a variety of ways including:

  • Overseeing the strategic analysis, planning and evaluation of the City’s real estate portfolio
  • Acquiring and selling real estate
  • Acquiring all right-of-way and easements for the City
  • Determining value for vacated right-of-way
  • Selling vacated right-of-way
  • Granting licenses for use of City owned property
  • Granting easements
  • Negotiating and managing City leases

How We Serve You

In providing real estate services to the City, the Real Property Division also serves you. The Real Property division may be reached at (505) 924-3490.


The Real Property Division purchases sites for parks, open space, right-of-way and public facilities (such as police and fire stations, libraries and community centers). Our goal is to negotiate fair compensation, making effective use of public resources.

  • Contact: Acquisition Agent: 505-924-3487


The Real Property Division coordinates and reviews outside contracted appraisals, which are used to establish fair market value of properties. The appraisal staff acts as valuation consultants to all City Departments when preparing preliminary recommendations for site locations, budgets and compensation for vacating unused right-of-way.

  • Contact: Review Appraiser: 505-924-3488


The Real Property Division identifies properties to lease from both public and private owners. In addition, it also handles leases of City-owned property to public and private organizations. It then negotiates, coordinates and manages lease agreements for properties where the City is either the Landlord or the Tenant.

  • Contact: Assistant Real Property Division Manager, 505-924-3489


The Real Property Division provides services to the Department of Municipal Development in order to acquire right-of-way needed for vehicle and pedestrian access including roads and sidewalks. Additionally, when the Development Review Board approves the vacation of right-of-way, the Real Property Division determines compensation and prepares quitclaim deeds.

  • Contact: Right-Of-Way Supervisor: 505-924-3484


The City of Albuquerque owns tracts of land and/or buildings that are sometimes no longer needed to satisfy a public purpose. Once the Real Property Division identifies a potential surplus property, it seeks to have it declared not-essential by the City Council. Not-essential properties are then marketed for sale in accordance with City Ordinance and are sold through a bidding process.

  • Contact: Real Property Agent II: 505-924-3492