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Future Homes - ABQ

Below are a list of properties owned by the City of Albuquerque that the City believes may be great locations for Affordable Housing.

The City of Albuquerque Real Property Division has identified a number of properties that could benefit the community by being developed as future Affordable Housing locations. 

Please be advised that the determination of whether a site is ultimately suitable is the responsibility of the developer.

Please review the City of Albuquerque Integrated Development Ordinance.

City of Albuquerque Properties for Sale

4th street affordable housing 2021



City of Albuquerque Tradelands Properties for Sale

Nuevo Atrisco affordable housing 2021






Imperial affordable housing 2021








Contact Us

For questions or more details on the Real Property Division's Affordable Housing Land options, call us at 505-924-3489.

If an RFP is closed but you still have interest in a property, please contact Real Property Agent Gary Boyd at 505-924-3492, or at [email protected].