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Barricade Fees

Fees associated with barricaded areas and excavation.

Arterial/Collector Roadways

Barricade Only - $0.01 per/sq ft/day of barricaded area (minimum charge is $21.00 per/day)

Additional Barricade Fees Fee
Residential Sidewalk Closures $21.00 per/month
Arterial/Collector Sidewalk Closures $21.00 per/day
Residential Street Closure $21.00 per/day
Alley Closure $21.00 per/week
Dumpster Permit $21.00 per/month
Arrowboard Lane Closure $21.00 per/day
Special Events Barricading $21.00 per/day/event
Residential, Vacant, or Unpaved Streets $21.00 per/week
Arterial Collector Shoulder/Bike Lane Closure $21.00 per/day
Bike Path Closure $21.00 per/day

Excavation Fees

Note: Excavation permit includes one free day of single lane barricading at no additional cost (not to exceed $21.00). All subsequent days and additional lanes are subject to an additional $0.01 per/sq ft of barricaded area per day with a $21.00 per/day minimum charge.

Excavation Permit (not to exceed 660') - $42.00

In addition, the following fees may apply:

Additional Excavation Fees Fee
Curb Cuts $12.00 each
Drive Pads $6.00 each
Curb & Gutter $25.00 for the first 100' ($0.25/foot there after)
Valley Gutter $25.00 for the first 100' ($0.25/foot there after)
Sidewalk $25.00 for the first 100' ($0.25/foot there after)
SO 19 (Sidewalk Culvert) $25.00
ADA Ramp $6.00
Road Restoration Fees $3.15 per s.y. (see below)
Violation $500 per day


Restoration fees are required on any street which has been newly constructed or has received major reconstruction or maintenance within the past five years. Computed as follows: Length of excavation in feet parallel to the centerline of the street, along the street plus 30 feet multiplied by the paved width of the street in feet, divided by 9 and multiplied by $3.15.