Zoning Code

The City of Albuquerque is responsible for administering and implementing the Comprehensive City Zoning Code.

Zoning Code – Full Document

The official version of the Zoning Code can be accessed below. The document can be downloaded in its entirety (note: large file), viewed on the American Legal website, or the sections can be downloaded individually.

Comprehensive City Zoning Code – Full Text (pdf)

Comprehensive City Zoning Code - This is a link to American Legal website, who compiles the text of the City of Albuquerque’s Code of Ordinances, including the Zoning Code. This text may not reflect recent amendments to the Zoning Code approved by City Council.

Recent Text Amendments to the Zoning Code - This page has information on amendments that are recently adopted or are currently being considered by the City.

Zoning Code – Individual Sections


Part 1: General Provisions

14-16-1-1      Short title

14-16-1-2      Authority and jurisdiction

14-16-1-3      Intent

14-16-1-4      Interpretation

14-16-1-5      Definitions

14-16-1-6      Repeal


Part 2: Zoning Districts

14-16-2-1      Establishment of zones

14-16-2-2      RO-1 rural and open zone

14-16-2-3      RO-20 rural and open agricultural zone

14-16-2-4      RA-1 residential and agricultural zone, semi-urban area

14-16-2-5      RA-2 residential and agricultural zone

14-16-2-6      R-1 residential zone

14-16-2-7      MH residential zone

14-16-2-8      R-LT residential zone

14-16-2-9      R-T residential zone

14-16-2-10    R-G residential garden apartment zone

14-16-2-11    R-2 residential zone

14-16-2-12    R-3 residential zone

14-16-2-13    RC residential/commercial zone

14-16-2-14    R-D residential and related uses zone, developing area

14-16-2-15    O-1 office and institution zone

14-16-2-16    C-1 neighborhood commercial zone

14-16-2-17    C-2 community commercial zone

14-16-2-18    C-3 heavy commercial zone

14-16-2-19    IP industrial park zone

14-16-2-20    M-1 light manufacturing zone

14-16-2-21    M-2 heavy manufacturing zone

14-16-2-22    SU-1 special use zone

14-16-2-23    SU-2 special neighborhood zone

14-16-2-24    SU-3 special center zone

14-16-2-25    H-1 historic old town zone

14-16-2-26    P parking zone

14-16-2-27    P-R reserve parking zone

14-16-2-28    Overlay zones

14-16-2-29    PC planned community zone


Part 3: General Regulations

14-16-3-1      Off-street parking regulations

14-16-3-2      Shopping center regulations

14-16-3-3      Supplementary height, area, and use regulations

14-16-3-4      Nonconformance regulations

14-16-3-5      General sign regulations

14-16-3-6      Mobile home development regulations

14-16-3-7      Campground regulations

14-16-3-8      Detached open space regulations

14-16-3-9      Area lighting regulations

14-16-3-10    Landscaping regulations applicable to apartment and nonresidential development

14-16-3-11    Site development plan approval requirements; possible plan termination

14-16-3-12    Community residential program regulations

14-16-3-13    Emergency shelter regulations

14-16-3-14    Air quality impact regulations (Repealed)

14-16-3-15    Recycling bin regulations

14-16-3-16    Private commons development

14-16-3-17    Wireless telecommunications regulations

14-16-3-18    General building and site design regulations for non-residential uses

14-16-3-19    General height and design regulations for walls, fences and retaining walls

14-16-3-20    Archaeological sites

14-16-3-21    Mobile home resident notification

14-16-3-22    Form based zones

14-16-3-23    Zoning of hot air balloons


Part 4: Administration and Enforcement

14-16-4-1      Amendment procedure

14-16-4-2      Special exceptions

14-16-4-3      Sector Development Plan procedures

14-16-4-4 Appeal

14-16-4-5      Zoning enforcement officer; approval required for permits and the like

14-16-4-6      Permits required; fees

14-16-4-7      Inspectorial searches

14-16-4-8      Declaratory rulings

14-16-4-9      Official zoning map

14-16-4-10    Violations; remedies

14-16-4-11    Removal of signs

14-16-4-12    Disclaimer

14-16-4-13    Status established building review procedures

14-16-4-99    Penalty