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Wireless Telecommunications Facilities

Information about regulations and forms for wireless telecommunications facilities (WTFs).


In 2008, the City adopted updated WTF regulations that require concealment, or stealth technology, in the siting of all new wireless facilities, except for collocations on an existing, non-concealed structure or a public utility structure.

A concealed WTF must be aesthetically integrated with existing buildings, structures, and landscaping, including height, color, style, massing, placement, design and shape, and must be located so that it is not readily visible or identifiable as a WTF.

The wireless regulations were incorporated into the Integrated Development Ordinance upon its adoption in May 2018.

  • See "Wireless Telecommunications Facility" in the Allowable Use Table 4-2-1 under the Industrial Use Category and Subcategory Telecommunications, Towers, and Utilities.
  • See Use-specific Standards in Section 14-16-4-3(E)(12) that contain requirements applicable in all zones.
  • See Table 6-1-1 and Section 14-16-6-5(H) for review procedures.

Review Process

Please be aware that all proposed WTFs, including collocations on existing structures, are required to be reviewed and approved by the Planning Department. All facilities must comply with the wireless telecommunications regulations found in the Integrated Development Ordinance.

  • Reviewed by Urban Design & Development: Any new, free-standing or architecturally integrated WTFs; collocations on concealed facilities and collocations on non-concealed facilities.
  • Reviewed by Code Enforcement: All collocations on non-concealed wireless telecommunications facilities; equipment swap-outs that do not affect the concealment of an existing facility; and most site modifications.

New Concealed Facilities & Concealed Collocations

Applications for WTFs are subject to an application fee of $3,000 for new facilities.  Application forms must be completed and the requested information provided. The application review checklist that staff uses is included below for informational purposes.

Non-Concealed Collocation & Equipment Swap-Out

Applications for collocations are subject to an application fee of $2,000. Modifications are subject to building permit plan check fees; the cost will vary. Please contact the Building and Safety Division for an estimate. Applications are reviewed by code enforcement staff at the zoning front counter, ground floor of the Planning Department.

Forms & Checklists For Urban Design & Development Review:

Contact Us

  • For questions about new facilities and collocations on concealed facilities, please call the Urban Design & Development Division at 505-924-3935 or 505-924-3910.
  • For questions about collocations on non-concealed facilities, please contact Code Enforcement at 505-924-3857.