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Stormwater Quality Section

Learn more about the Stormwater Quality Section of the Development Review Services Division.

What We Do

The Stormwater Quality Section of the Development Review Services Division is responsible for the construction sites portion of the City’s MS4 permit. The two primary functions of this section are plan review and construction site inspections. *Please note that the City is required to inspect all construction sites.

How We Serve You

Utilizing the City's two ordinances that address storm drainage (Flood Control Ordinance and Storm Drainage Ordinance) the Stormwater Quality Section ensures the safety of the public by:

  • Reviewing erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) plans for proposed construction of sites one acre or larger or smaller projects that are part of a larger plan of development
  • Reviewing plans prior to the start of grading operations
  • Reviewing elements to be included on the ESC plan to ensure they are similar to the Site Map in the SWPPP
  • Reviewing plans to make sure they are sealed by a professional engineer licensed in the state of New Mexico
  • Reviewing plans to make sure they contain the appropriate and required checklists and forms
  • Conducting inspections on all construction sites
  • Conducting two inspections if the site is in a priority area (drains directly to a Waters of the U.S.)


Contact Us

For stormwater quality questions, contact the Stormwater Quality Engineer at (505) 924-3420.