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Hydrology Section

Learn about the Hydrology Section for the Planning Department.

What We Do

Hydrology is responsible for determining the storm drainage requirements for development projects in the City of Albuquerque and is the official FEMA flood plain administrator for the City of Albuquerque.

How We Serve You

Hydrology can assist you with the following subjects as they pertain to storm drainage:

  • Development Review Board submissions to determine if drainage infrastructure or easements are required
  • Construction plans as part of the Design Review Committee process
  • Environmental Planning Commission submissions
  • Grading and drainage plans for building permits, paving permits and grading permits
  • Permit sets for both commercial and residential sites
  • Flood zone information

FEMA Flood Plain Information

For more details on the FEMA Flood Plain and special hazard areas in the City, click here.

Contact Us

For drainage complaints, flood plain permits or flood plain questions, call the Engineer Assistant/Flood Plain Manager at (505) 924-3977.

For drainage reviews, DRB, administrative amendments, DRC and general engineering questions, call the Senior Engineer at (505) 924-3695 or the Section Manager at (505) 924-3986.