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When To Call 911

What reasons should I call 911?

The only time you should call 911 is if a person is badly hurt or in danger right now!

Reasons to Call 911

Personal Safety at Risk
Gang Violence

Crash Injuries
Car vs. Pedestrian

Medical Conditions
Trouble Breathing
Chest Pain
Unconsciousness; No response
No signs of life

*There are exceptions to the above

It's important to make sure you are safe before you call 911. If your home is on fire, for instance, leave the house before calling 911. You can always call from someone else's house.

Speak slowly and clearly when you explain what's happening. The 911 emergency dispatcher will ask you these questions:
• What is the Address of the emergency?
• What is the phone number you are calling from?
• What happened?
• What is the Age of the patient?
• Is she/he conscious and breathing?

Don’t Hang up
If you do have to call 911 in an emergency, be sure to stay on the phone. Do not hang up until the 911 operator tells you it's OK to do so. That way, you can be sure that the operator has all the information to get help to you fast!

When not to Call 911

911 should never be used for road conditions, directions, burn day checks, time checks or as a source of information for telephone numbers.