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About Albuquerque Fire Rescue

The Albuquerque Fire Rescue is a paid municipal department, comprised of 700 uniformed personnel, serving a jurisdiction of more than 182 square miles and an estimated city population of 555,417 ; the greater metropolitan area population is estimated at 901,700.

The mission of the Albuquerque Fire Rescue is to save lives, and protect property and the environment, while continuing to emphasize fire fighter safety and survival.


The Rescue fulfills its mission through the coordinated effort of the Fire & Rescue Emergency Services (Operations), Human Resources division, and the Office of Emergency Management. The Fire and Rescue Emergency Services Division is the largest division within the Albuquerque Fire Rescue. Under the direction of a Deputy Chief, the division is tasked with providing the residents of Albuquerque with a rapid response to incidents and control of a wide-range of emergency situations. Serving in dual roles as both fire fighters and emergency medical technicians, the men and women of the Division are responsible for providing fire suppression and emergency medical services.

Under the direction of the Deputy Chief for Human Resources, the Human Resources Division consists of all programs that support the efforts of emergency-responder personnel through the following programs: Communications (Alarm Room), Fire Marshal's Office (Fire Prevention Bureau), Fire Investigations, Capital Improvements Program (CIP), Albuquerque Fire Academy, and the Fiscal Program.

The Deputy Chief of Operations directs the specialty programs that include Wildland, Heavy Technical Rescue, Hazardous Materials and Swiftwater Rescue. These programs are comprised of trained firefighters who are able to respond within minutes to extraordinary incidents throughout the City of Albuquerque.