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Shark Discovery Day at Aquarium

Learn about nature’s largest predatory fishes

July 25, 2014

The ocean’s largest predatory fishes hold a powerful, often frightening, place in our cultural imagination, but sharks are critical to the health of marine ecosystems. On Saturday, July 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., enjoy Shark Discovery Day at the Aquarium to learn about the important role that sharks play in the world’s oceans and the amazing adaptations that make them such efficient hunters.

The ABQ BioPark Aquarium houses seven shark species, with 24 sharks swimming in the Shark Tank and several more in the Shark and Ray Touchpool encounter. During Shark Discovery Day, guests can stop by discovery stations around the aquarium for hands-on activities, games and crafts to learn about sharks, and visit the Touchpool for an up-close encounter with small, live sharks.

“It’s a fun day for shark lovers to support shark conservation, and for everyone to learn more about amazing shark adaptations,” says Tallie Segel, Aquarium Education Coordinator. “Sharks have super senses. They have very highly evolved senses of smell, pores that can detect motion of animals in distress, very good eyesight even in dim light, and a sixth sense that can pick up electrical impulses.”

Prior to Shark Discovery Day, youth can explore an online shark-themed webquest. They can read about sharks, watch online videos and, for the highly ambitious, complete a project to bring with them to shark discovery day. Kids can share their completed projects, leaving them on display for the day at the Aquarium to help teach other visitors about why sharks matter.

All Shark Discovery Day activities are included with regular admission.