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Photo of the Week: Cat Treats

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These big cats enjoy treats and toys as much as housecats do.

Snow Leopard Holiday Present

Posted March 28, 2013. Photo courtesy of Klaus and Tanya Mueller.

While we decorate eggs in preparation for Easter, ABQ BioPark zookeepers are making papier-mâché enrichment for the animals. On Sunday, March 31, snow leopards Kachina and Azeo will hunt for treats inside papier-mâché eggs, paper bags and decorated boxes.

Snow leopards (Uncia uncia) are adept predators, leaping 45 feet to catch blue sheep, ibex, marmots, birds and other prey. Snow leopards disappear in the rocky mountain slopes of Central Asia; their spotted coats keep them camouflaged as they search for food.

Snow leopards are endangered, and conservationists are working to save the species. Kachina and Azeo have raised four litters of cubs and are expecting more cubs this year. Watch the big cats and other animals open their Easter Enrichment goodies this Sunday at the Zoo.


Correction: We'd originally posted that Easter Enrichment would take place on Saturday. The correct day is Sunday, March 31.

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