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Become a Citizen Scientist

Great Backyard Bird Count

Sandhill Cranes at the ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden.The Botanic Garden is a hotspot for bird watching - numerous bird species utilize its more than 36 acres of cultivated gardens, natural habitats, perennial ponds and diverse food sources.

Grab your binoculars and head to the Botanic Garden for the nationwide Great Backyard Bird Count, which takes place annually in February.

The event takes an annual snapshot of migratory birds, and all information collected will be given to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to be compiled with data from around the country. Scientists use this information along with observations from other citizen-science projects to get the "big picture" about what is happening to bird populations.

To learn more, contact ABQ BioPark Education at 505-848-7180.

Frog Watch

Leopard frog at ZooThe ABQ BioPark conducted a pilot program with Frog Watch in 2016. The program, which gives community members the chance to take part in frog conservation as citizen scientists, will be open to the public in 2017. Interested individuals will go into the field to listen for frog calls and report them to an international database. The project will help track the decline and increase of frogs in an area dependent on what’s going on in the habitat. More information on how to sign up coming soon.