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ABQ RIDE Forward Network Plan

Information about ABQ RIDE's study of the current bus network. See project website for full details.

This is the ABQ Ride Forward Network Plan logo.

The ABQ RIDE Forward Network Plan is an initiative that will review the performance of the existing bus network and update the City’s plans for future transit improvements. Specifically, the plan will help identify goals and purposes of the City’s investment in public transit and will inform future decisions about where bus routes go, at what times they run, and how frequently.

As Transit needs across the City of Albuquerque evolve, this study will consider how best to meet those evolving needs and make the most efficient use of existing resources. The ABQ RIDE Forward Network Plan is a review of the purpose and performance of Albuquerque’s bus network and an update of the City’s plans for future improvements to the network.

“This is a chance to step back from our current system and ensure that transit services reflect the values and priorities of the community,” said Transit Director Leslie Keener.

At the initial stage ABQ RIDE is looking for input on key choices, including how to balance running routes that are ridden by the greatest number of people (ridership) versus running routes that cover the greatest geographic area (coverage), illustrated by the examples below. 

Maximum Ridership Goal:

This diagram illustrates a transit network focused on serving the maximum number of riders by focusing routes on highly trafficked corridors.

Maximum Coverage Goal: 

This diagram illustrates a transit network that is focused on serving the larger geographical area with bus routes on all streets across a community.

These examples have the same number of people (dots) and buses but different service goals and ridership results.

This is a collaborative planning effort among the City of Albuquerque, local transit stakeholders, and members of the community to decide the goals and purposes of the City’s investment in public transit.

Visit the project website at to learn more about the project!

Ways To Get Involved

Reports and Maps

Visit to learn more about the project.

Our Existing Conditions Report explains our goals of transit service, how well our service works to provide access to jobs and other destinations, and how we compare to other places.

The On-Board Survey Summary Report documents the results of a 2022 survey of ABQ RIDE passengers to understand their trip patterns and travel preferences.

The numerous demographic maps posted helped inform two potential network concepts which can be found in the "Transit Maps" section of the webpage. The concepts report provides more information on travel time and access impacts that result from different priorities for designing the transit network. 

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