Office of Native American Affairs

The City of Albuquerque Office of Native American Affairs recognizes that Native Americans have a permanent right to exist as peoples, nations, cultures, and societies.


Albuquerque’s Native Americans receive equitable and inclusive access to City services and resources to improve their quality of life, ensure their safety, and maintain their cultural heritage. 


The City of Albuquerque Office of Native American Affairs is:

  • Devoted to the support and development of intergovernmental relations between the City of Albuquerque government and tribal governments; and
  • Dedicated to promoting policy and program initiatives that ensure the safety and well-being of Native American individuals and families living in the Albuquerque metropolitan area.

City of Albuquerque Office of Native American Affairs has 10 major areas of responsibility:

  1. Establish and strengthen relations between tribal and City governments.
  2. Ensure the City of Albuquerque Commission on AI/AN Affairs is fully staffed and provided technical support.
  3. Expand access to housing and social services/resources for Native American individuals and families experiencing homelessness or at-risk of becoming homeless.
  4. Increase engagement with Native American constituents.
  5. Develop collaborations with Community Based Organizations (CBOs) that provide services/resources for Native Americans within the Albuquerque metropolitan area.
  6. Address safety concerns, including border town violence, structural racism, and discrimination, among the Native American community within the Albuquerque metropolitan and surrounding areas.
  7. Increase access to economic development opportunities for Native owned businesses, entrepreneurs, and job seekers.
  8. Develop policies to ensure equity and inclusion of Native Americans within City of Albuquerque departments.
  9. Promote and protect Native American cultures and languages.
  10. Create and maintain a City of Albuquerque Native American Affairs website, including a resource directory, events page, and publications.