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CABQ Media Rebrand Celebrates Community

New look and name for City’s platform for Burqueños to express themselves through video and audio.

March 24, 2023 - CABQ Media, a division of the City's Department of Arts & Culture, has rebranded its public, education, and local origination channels with a new look and name, Albuquerque Community Media (ACM). Rebranding itself as CABQ Media, and the channels as ACM, is a move that builds upon and celebrates the diversity, creativity, and culture of the city and reflects the rich tapestry of voices and perspectives of channels' content creators and public media viewers. CABQ Media also manages the government access channel, One Albuquerque Media, formerly known as GOV TV.

ACM's goal is to continue to provide Albuquerque residents with a platform to express themselves through video and audio. The mission of ACM is to use media to educate, inform, entertain, and connect Albuquerque residents. One Albuquerque Media provides information on public meetings, legislation, and events hosted by local government officials. The education channel's content must be created for or by a school; the government station’s content must be related to the workings of the local, state, or federal government; and the public and local origination channels' content encompasses everything else. 

"ACM is dedicated to delivering diverse voices to our diverse community on the public airwaves," said Diego Lucero, manager of CABQ Media. "We invite the community to help us achieve our mission by by engaging in our content, or creating and submitting content of their own."

Locally, Albuquerque Community Media can be viewed on Comcast channels 16, 26, 27, and 96, as well as streamed anywhere.

Read ACM's frequently asked questions. Learn more about submitting content.

In 2020, the public access channel operations evolved into a much more streamlined and connected media operation managed by the Department of Arts & Culture. The reimagined approach created more opportunity for local content producers to create content and more access for the general public to deliver their messages and stories. In addition, downtown's Studio 519 was upgraded to be a professional public studio fully-equipped with current video technology two fully-lit customization sets for local producers to use at no cost.  

Since the 1970s, small-scale media operations known as public access channels have been providing critical information to a wide range audiences throughout the county. In 1981, the City of Albuquerque launched GOV TV, originally called City Cable, as a two person operation with the primary mission of making city and county public meetings accessible to the home audience. Since then, the City of Albuquerque expanded its operations of providing community access for content delivery as well as resources to produce content across all public, education, and government channels to provide media ranging from live coverage of government meetings and news conferences, to live local sports, documentaries, DIY video, and a wide variety of locally produced shows to the community.