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How To Submit Content

The City of Albuquerque PEG ACCESS accepts TV programs from residents of the Albuquerque metro area and Bernalillo County.

Steps to Submit "Ready for Air" Content

  1. Complete the Albuquerque PEG Access Program Submission Form here.
  2. Once the form is completed, upload your video here.

Series & Single Specials

There are two ways to air programming on the PEG Channels; a regularly scheduled series or a single special. 

For each program (series) submitted a submission form must be completed.

Single Programs

If you have a program ready to submit, complete the Program Proposal Form, Cablecast Request Form* and Statement of Compliance.

* We will try to get the program on the following months schedule if there are any open time slots.  However, we cannot guarantee that you will get the time slot you request.

Regularly Scheduled Series

To apply for a series, submit a Cablecast Request Form, Statement of Compliance, a Program Proposal and a pilot program to the Media Resources Division of the City of Albuquerque. 

Technical Standards

The Media Resources Division strives to improve the technical quality of the programming we air. We rely upon producers to make sure that the programs submitted meet our technical requirements, or we will not be able to play it. To ensure better quality playback, we only accept programs via Dropbox submission or a file on a storage drive.

File Submission Specifications

Formatting a video file for Playback:

We currently accept .MPG, .MOV, .MP4, .M2T, .MXF and .TS files video formats for submission.

Resolution Standards

Submitted files need to be at in the following resolutions:

Standard Definition

  • 720x512
  • 720x480 (preferred)
  • 704x480
  • Frame rate: 29.97
  • Field order: top field first

High Definition

Scan Type: Interlaced
Frame rate: 29.97
Field order: top field first

Scan Type: Progressive
Frame rate: 59.94

Scan Type: Interlaced
Frame rate: 29.97
Field order: top field first

Scan Type: Interlaced
Frame rate: 29.97
Field order: top field first

Files can be dropped off at the Cabelcast Headend Office in City Hall using an external hard drive or a flash drive using the requirements above. Please email [email protected] to make arrangements.