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Policies and Guidelines




The Albuquerque Public, Educational and Government (PEG) Access Channels are administered as public access, educational, government, and local origination community television stations. These guidelines apply to PEG access programming supplied by an Albuquerque or Bernalillo County resident for airing in cablecast time slots and other programs shown on the PEG Access community channels and streaming services. The City of Albuquerque (“City”) through Albuquerque Public Access (also “PEG Access administration”) operates four Comcast Access channels: Government Access (Channel 16), Local Origination (Channel 26), Public Access (Channel 27) and Educational Access (Channel 96). PEG Access is the term used to describe the availability of airtime and community television facilities for televising locally oriented programming. 


As a matter of policy, the City is dedicated to delivering quality local PEG Access programming. This service is intended to provide opportunities for responsible community expression about issues and topics of interest to the Albuquerque community. The PEG Access administration does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation or family status.



PEG Access channels are made available for use by Albuquerque residents and/or Albuquerque municipal, non-profit and private organizations wishing to present noncommercial PEG Access programming and/or information to the public.  Albuquerque PEG Access specifically meets the need of promoting communication among the diverse segments of our community, creating an interchange of ideas transcending differences of language and culture.



Public Access (Channel 27) exists to provide an opportunity for members of our community to use the medium of television to present programs that are relevant to local community interests, affairs or concerns.  The PEG Access administration seeks to encourage use of this community channel by the greatest number of users and to promote diversity of program content.  Albuquerque PEG Access offers the community the opportunity to view, entertain and inform itself through its own efforts within specified guidelines.

 (The term “PEG Access administration” as used in these Guidelines refers to the City management, staff and contractors engaged in the implementation of the policies, practices, and activities of the public, educational, government, and local origination community television stations.)


It is the policy of Albuquerque PEG Access to provide equal opportunity access to all persons, organizations, or groups residing, working, attending school, or operating in the City of Albuquerque and/or Bernalillo County.  Access shall be provided on a first come basis.  


Interested persons may submit programming that they believe may be appropriate for cablecast on Albuquerque Public Access, Channel 27.  Any programming request shall be subject to review by the PEG Access administration management, staff, and/or contractor for its appropriateness and compliance with technical requirements.  Those programs that are consistent with the overall Albuquerque PEG Access operating policy, including all applicable laws and City policies shall be cablecast.  The program producer or sponsor shall be responsible for obtaining written permission for the use of copyrighted material from the copyright owner.


Educational Access (Channel 96) exists to provide a wide variety of programming to support and promote the continuing education and general learning of the community’s students and cable television viewers. 


General interest educational programming will be acquired and scheduled for cablecast upon the approval of PEG Access Administration staff and/or contractor, as outlined in the procedures presented in this guide.  Submission of general interest educational programming (single subject and/or series) can be made by any person, organization, or group residing, working, attending school or operating in the City of Albuquerque and/or Bernalillo County or any educational institution . 


The purpose of the Education Access Channel is to further the educational missions of contributing school districts and educational institutions. Educational access television works directly with the local public and private schools to inform, highlight, and educate the public of local school programs, events and goals, as well as to provide educational opportunities for students interested in communications careers. 


Educational access programming focuses on enabling schools which are located geographically within contributing school districts (e.g., private and post-secondary schools) to contribute programming to the Education Access Channel for the airing of programs that are by, about, or for the benefit of students of participating schools.


Standards for Participating producers, schools, and educational groups:

  1. Contributing content creators may apply school rules and standards (if applicable) to the programming but the programming shall comply with the rules and standards in these Programming Guidelines.
  2. Contributing content creators may act as producers and in that capacity are solely responsible for the programming/content that they produce.
  3. School districts and schools may assign liability to individual student users and their parents.
  4. Subject to any existing contractual obligations of the City, educational programming that is not produced by or in affiliation with schools or school districts may be aired at the discretion of the City of Albuquerque.



Examples of educational access programs include but are not limited to: 

  • Programs designed to showcase student work;
  • Creative student programming;
  • Artistic endeavors;
  • Multimedia projects;
  • Student news & sporting broadcasts;
  • Concerts & special projects;
  • School plays, musicals, and talent shows (with approved television copyright);
  • Programs designed to build school and community spirit;
  • Broadcast of school sports schedules;
  • Broadcast of school events schedules;
  • Broadcast of sporting events
  • Broadcast of special school events;
  • Programs that share the classroom;
  • Distance learning;
  • Videos of classroom activities that are approved by the school authorities;
  • Programs that convey philosophy, vision, and actions of educational leaders;
  • School Board meetings;
  • School Budget Committee meetings;
  • Programs that make education “more available” to the community;
  • Public Library content to include story hours, cooking classes, exercise classes and lectures;
  • Educational content from other sources;
  • Adult education;
  • Programs contributed by private and public educational agencies;
  • Programs produced by government and public educational organizations such as NASA, the Carnegie Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting; and
  • Programs produced by government agencies to educate the public about emergency procedures.

Government Access (Channel 16) exists to provide information regarding federal, state, county and local government as it relates to the residents of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County.  Specifically, government access objectives are as follows: 


  1. To provide City government information to the community;
  2. To air City meetings including the City Council meetings, Planning Commission meetings, Cable Advisory Board meetings and any other meetings in the discretion of the City;
  3. To widen the dissemination of activities and information from the legislative and advisory bodies of the City of Albuquerque;
  4. To provide public information to the  Albuquerque and Bernalillo County community about the various functions performed by the various agencies, divisions, and departments of City government;
  5. To provide information to  residents requiring access to various Federal, State, and local agencies;
  6. To supplement the public safety activities of the Fire and Police departments;
  7. To assist with internal training of City personnel; and
  8. To provide a forum for thoughtful public discussion on government related issues.


The City’s government access policy is to provide direct, non-editorial information to the Albuquerque and Bernalillo County community concerning the operations and deliberations of the City government.  Government access is not intended as a mechanism for building support for a particular candidate or candidates for political office. With respect to any program concerning subjects that may be interpreted to be materially controversial, Albuquerque Government Access will maintain a position of neutrality, providing a fair opportunity for the presentation of opposing views. 


All public meetings of the City’s policy-making bodies, commissions, or boards are authorized for cablecast.  All regular City Council meetings are cablecast.  Meetings related to governmental committees, boards, and commissions may be cablecast at the request of or with the permission of the presiding officer whenever logistics permit.

Any public meeting cablecast on Albuquerque Government Access will be aired in its entirety, gavel to gavel, excluding “closed sessions,” and will not be edited or subjected to editorial comment.  However, editing may occur to edit out recesses or technical limitations that restrict production procedures or other similar edits. 


Promotional announcements for municipally sponsored events or activities are generally acceptable for cablecast on Albuquerque Government Access. Public Service Announcements for agencies outside of municipal government are subject to the review of the Albuquerque Government Access staff or contractors.  


Local Origination (“LO”) Programming (Channel 26) is a reflection of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County life. Programming is created by community producers and runs the entertainment gamut from live informational presentations featuring your friends and neighbors, coverage of local events, a collection of talk shows, and the Classical Arts Showcase, to live local sporting events of any type.


Find more information about what PEG TV programming is at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website.



The Albuquerque PEG Access goals are:

1. To make program time available on an equitable basis to community members and groups for the purpose of presenting quality programming that is relevant to local community interests.

2. To encourage use by the greatest number of community producers and to promote diversity of program content.

3. To provide an opportunity for the presentation of minority, as well as majority stances on topics of community concern.

4. To provide local programming that is initiated and produced by local community members and is not generally available to the public through other programming sources.

5. To ensure that the community is provided with quality Public Access programming produced with good quality technical standards. 

6. To ensure the broadcast of PEG programming in compliance with federal, state or local laws.



Any individual or group residing, working, attending school, or operating in Albuquerque and/or Bernalillo County who is qualified within the meaning of these Guidelines, is eligible to apply for PEG Access time. Proof of residence, employment or attendance at a local school must be provided. Minors under the age of 18 may use the facilities only if they are accompanied by an adult who assumes responsibility for the actions of the minor(s). Release forms signed by a parent or guardian are required for any minor who appears on PEG television programs.

The FCC webpage on public, educational, government access (PEG access) is at The telephone number for the FCC Media Bureau is (202) 418-7200.)


Facilities for the PEG Channels:

The following guidelines will be observed in order to allow Albuquerque PEG Access to fulfill its mission, and to allow the equitable apportionment of these finite resources to ensure availability for all community producers, and to share, reserve, and use the facilities on a first-come, first-served, non-discriminatory basis. 


These facilities currently include:

  • ●Studios and production control rooms located at 519 Central, Albuquerque NM 87102;
  • ●Video editing rooms; and

● Electronic Field Production (EFP) equipment for sign-out.


1. Albuquerque PEG Access administration management and staff will use discretion to ensure that no group or individual receives a disproportionate share of available resources at the expense of others.

2. Use of Albuquerque PEG Access facilities is solely for the purpose of producing programming intended for cablecast on Albuquerque PEG Access channels.


Reservation of PEG Facilities:

1. Albuquerque PEG Access will maintain posted office hours, during which all reservations must take place.  These hours are available upon request at the main office at 519 Central NW and on the PEG Access website.

2. Reservation of facilities must be performed through the appropriate Access Channel Coordinator (“Coordinator”).  Facilities are available to Albuquerque PEG Access’ qualified community producers by appointment only, contingent on facility and staff availability. Producers must consult with the Coordinator to determine the appropriate facility and amount of time needed for the reservation.

4. Reservations made through other Albuquerque PEG Access administration staff without prior knowledge of the Coordinator may be superseded or disregarded.

5 Albuquerque PEG Access facilities will be reserved for a producer only after the appropriate channel Coordinator has agreed to and received a signed producer contract. This means that only a contracted program producer may reserve Albuquerque PEG Access facilities. All reservation hours used by any crew member and scheduled under a single producer contract count toward and are subject to the reservation requirements and limits stated below.

(See Paragraph 5, p. 8, and the subsection on Reservation Limits, page 8, for information on how to qualify to use PEG Access facilities and equipment.)

Reservation Limits:

1. Facilities will be reserved upon request, and as available, through the term of the producer agreement based on necessary training for use of the particular facility.

2. Depending upon facility demand, producers may be unable to reserve and schedule a desired facility at a particular time or date. Cancellations do happen, so producers are encouraged to check in regularly with staff with regards to facility availability.

3. Reservations of facilities of Albuquerque PEG Access related to the development and production of program content for cablecast on one of the four Access Channels, including but not limited to reservations of facility time for program production, training crew, repairs, rental or production services, receive higher priority.


Cancellations & Late Arrivals

1. Producers are required to give at least 24-hours’ notice to cancel a reservation at Albuquerque PEG Access facility. Cancellation without such prior notification given to the PEG channel’s Coordinator is considered a “no-show.” Three "no-shows" per producer contract period will result in cancellation of the program, and the producer may lose rights to reserve facilities for future use.

2. Any member who is more than 15 minutes late for reserved time at a Albuquerque PEG Access facility without prior notice will forfeit the entire block of reserved time. Community producers and their production crew members who are late arrivals three times per producer contract period may lose rights to reserve facilities in the future.

3. Consideration will be given for unusual circumstances that result in cancellations or late arrivals. This will be at the discretion of Albuquerque PEG Access administration staff.


General Guidelines for Use of PEG Access Equipment


1. Producers wishing to use Albuquerque PEG Access-owned equipment in the production of programming must first be trained in the use of such equipment. Upon completion of a staff-approved training session, producers and/or crew members will be considered certified and authorized to use such equipment. Producers and their crew may not use equipment on which they are not trained.

2. Training can be completed using several methods, including workshops scheduled by Albuquerque PEG Access for specific groups or organizations; general workshops open to the entire pool of qualified users or individual training sessions. The appropriate Access Channel Coordinator will guide producers to the best available training options upon request.


3. There is no cost to producers for many training sessions offered by Albuquerque PEG Access. Occasionally, the Albuquerque PEG Access administration will offer special workshops, which may require participants to pay attendance or materials fees.

4. Producers are responsible for on-air talent being trained in and aware of programming guidelines and restrictions for cablecast on the access channels, including but not limited to those concerning commercial content and prohibited content.


Use and Care of Facilities:

1. Albuquerque PEG Access administration staff person must always be present at any Albuquerque PEG Access facility (with the exception of EFP equipment that has been signed out by PEG Access Administration staff during production activity. If a community producer requires direct staff assistance during production activity, this must also be scheduled in advance.)

2. The producer is responsible for making sure all crew and guests have signed in to the Albuquerque PEG Access sign-in log.

3. The producer is responsible for assembling a sufficient crew to accomplish the production. If a sufficient crew is not provided, a loss of production quality will result. Albuquerque PEG Access staff will not  serve as crew for productions, except in circumstances at the discretion of Albuquerque PEG Access administration management.

4. The producer will arrange for the crew to arrive at the Albuquerque PEG Access facility in a sufficient time in order to perform any and all pre-production tasks necessary for the successful completion of the production.

5. The producer is responsible for his/her crew leaving the facility in the same or better condition than when it was first occupied. This may include returning cameras to a locked position in the correct area; wrapping and storing cables; storing and locking microphones; returning set materials to storage; removing trash, papers, and other refuse; washing dishes, re-stocking shelves, and any other tasks requested by staff.

6. Misuse of equipment or facilities will not be tolerated. Wiring, connections and

configurations of any Albuquerque PEG Access facility will not be changed except by authorized staff. Requests for special wiring or configurations must be approved and performed by the PEG Access staff. Violations of these use requirements may cause temporary or permanent loss of producer privileges.

7. The producer is responsible for damage to facilities, damage to property or personal injury caused by themselves or their crew, and will be expected to reimburse Albuquerque PEG Access for the actual costs incurred by Albuquerque PEG Access to repair or replace damaged, lost, or stolen equipment.

8. Specific facilities may have unique requirements, equipment or use restrictions.

Producers and crew that are qualified to use the PEG Access facilities and/or equipment must abide by these specific requirements where instructed.

Specific Facility Requirements:

1. Editing & Data Storage

a. Producers will be allotted a sufficient amount of data storage space with which to accomplish their production. Albuquerque PEG Access administration staff will determine the appropriate amount of storage based on the complexity of the production.

b. Producers are responsible for managing their data storage space. PEG Access staff will conduct periodic reviews of the allowed amounts of storage as staff determines that circumstances warrant such reviews.

c. Albuquerque PEG Access administration reserves the right to remove any and all data from the data storage systems at any time. Producers are encouraged to store and back up all projects on external drives. 

d. Albuquerque PEG Access administration is not responsible for the integrity or loss of data placed on the data storage system by producers. It encourages all producers to retain copies or backups of original video and audio materials.

e. Producers shall not access, view, modify or destroy data on the storage system

that does not belong to them, unless otherwise authorized by Albuquerque PEG Access administration staff. Producers shall be responsible for damage, loss of data, or repair of systems resulting from viruses, malware, or any other such negatively invasive software installed, intentionally or otherwise, during use of editing facilities.

2. EFP Equipment

a. Staff-only equipment. Albuquerque PEG Access administration owns and maintains certain video equipment that is to be used only by staff, or only under staff supervision. This includes, but is not limited to cameras, camera crane or “jib,” quad-copter drone, audio/PA equipment, and television microwave transmission links. Use of this equipment by crew members may be restricted or limited at the discretion of the appropriate PEG Access administration staff.

b. Late return of EFP equipment (one hour or more past the appointed time) or repeated incidents of turning in equipment at any time after the appointed hour may result in the producer losing rights to sign out equipment in the future. This clause will be strictly enforced especially when another qualified producer is delayed or prevented from signing out EFP equipment because of late return.  The enforcement process is as follows:

i. first offense: verbal warning

ii. second offense: written warning

iii. third offense: loss of rights to reserve equipment for 30 days

iv. fourth and future offenses: loss of rights to reserve equipment for one


c. Photo Identification. Producers who wish to sign out EFP equipment must have a valid photo ID on file at the Albuquerque PEG Access administration offices.



Albuquerque PEG Access administration will not arbitrarily censor any qualified PEG Access user, nor exercise any control of PEG Access program subject matter.PEG Access will take appropriate steps to ensure that program content is in compliance with federal, state and local laws and these Albuquerque PEG Access Guidelines, included but are not limited to the following:


  1. PROGRAMMING OF A COMMERCIAL NATURE IS PROHIBITED, including the following restrictions:

a. Advertising material designed to promote the use or sale of commercial products or services is prohibited.  Businesses, products, services, enterprises or events may be mentioned on a program only if the producer receives no compensation and has no economic interest in the product, service, enterprise or event. In any such discussions, the program shall provide no information as to where or how to purchase or rent the product or service. Producers and guests may not solicit sales leads or customer inquiries. Some examples of inappropriate topics include: why the business product is superior, where or how to purchase the product (including business location and hours of operation), and how the business’s customers now have better lives.

b. Advertising by or on behalf of candidates for public office is prohibited. Political candidates may appear on a program but they may not appear within sixty (60) days of an election unless they appear in the capacity of carrying out their legitimate, official duties, in a bona fide news event, or in forums in which all candidates have been invited and which are conducted in a fair and equitable manner.

c. Solicitation or appeal for revenue or funds shall not be made for any organization or purpose. Nonprofit organizations and charities may be discussed in a program but the focus of the discussion may not be on the need for donations or financial support. Donations may not be solicited! Albuquerque PEG Access administration may make exceptions to this rule.

d. Producers are responsible for the words and actions of everyone who appears on their program. Guests and talent should be briefed on these rules before production begins.



PEG Access Programming may contain acknowledgements at the beginning and end of each episode for individuals or organizations whose underwriting contributions made production of the program possible. Each acknowledgment may last up to 10 seconds and include text with voice over and display of a company logo.


WHAT CANNOT BE INCLUDED: Text or voice over announcement of business mailing address, phone or fax number, email or web address may not be included in PEG Access underwriting acknowledgements.


The City of Albuquerque and the video service provider assume no responsibility or liability for access programming that is provided or produced by representatives of the community. Users found responsible for violation of these rules, including illegal programming or programming containing information intended to defraud the viewer will forfeit their right to access. Types of illegal programming prohibited by applicable federal and/or state laws:


a. Information concerning any lottery, gift enterprise or similar scheme, offering prizes depending in whole or in part upon lot or chance, or any list of prizes drawn or awarded by means of any such lottery, gift enterprise, or scheme whether said list contains part or all of such prizes. A program comes within this prohibition if, in connection with such a program, a person whose selection is dependent in whole or in part upon lot or chance, if as a condition of winning or competing for such a prize, such winner or winners are required to furnish any money or thing of value or are required to have in their possession any product sold, manufactured, furnished or distributed by a sponsor of a program played on the system in question.

b. Material that is intended to defraud the viewer or designed to obtain money by false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promise.

c. Promotion of gambling in violation of any applicable county, state or federal laws.

d. Indecent or obscene subject matter. (Violation of this rule is subject to criminal liability under federal law. Title 18, U.S.C. Sec. 1464.)

e. Libelous or slanderous subject matter, as defined by law.



Any users providing PEG Access programming shall be required to advise Albuquerque PEG Access administration whether or not their programs involve the use of copyrighted material or material subject to other ownership or royalty rights or  privacy rights. If so, documentation that the user has obtained all necessary clearances and permissions and made all necessary arrangements with the program owners and participants, copyright and other proprietary right owners and owners of any performing or royalty rights may be requested by Albuquerque PEG Access administration before the program is aired.



PEG Access users are requested to notify Albuquerque PEG Access administration of program material that may be potentially offensive to viewers. Programs with content that may be considered offensive by community standards must include a disclaimer at the beginning of the produced program that clearly states that the content may be offensive or unsuitable for some viewers. Albuquerque PEG Access administration reserves the right to play programs that may contain material unsuitable for children or offensive by community standards in an adult programming hour after 10:00 P.M.  Finally, any program with excessively violent material, excessive adult language, nudity or sexually explicit material will be shown after 10:00 P.M.




All PEG Access users assume complete responsibility for the content of the programming provided. Any dispute that arises concerning the programming shall be between the user and the complaining party.  Complaints may be submitted to the Cable Board.  See Section 18 of these Guidelines.



The City of Albuquerque undertakes no responsibility to the user or any other party for any legal liabilities that may arise as a consequence of presentation of PEG Access programming. Users shall sign a release form (Playback Application PEG Access Programming) to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Albuquerque and its agents for all liability of any kind whatsoever, including costs of legal defense arising from the presentation of PEG Access Programming provided by the user. Therefore, community producers are cautioned to be aware of applicable state and federal laws.


PEG Access Code of Conduct

All Producers, Cast & Production Crew will be required to sign off on the following code of conduct document prior to utilizing the PEG access resources.


As a condition of using the City of Albuquerque’s Public, Educational and Government (PEG) access facility (“Facility”), the Facility production studio (“Studio”), and City-owned PEG access equipment, I agree to comply with the following PEG Access Code of Conduct for Producers, Cast & Production Crew.  (initial below)

____ I have read and understand the full text of the City of Albuquerque PEG Policies and Procedures and agree to abide by the terms.

____ I understand that I am a guest in the Facility.   I will treat all users of the Facility, including City staff, contractors, and other users, with respect, courtesy and professionalism at all times.  I will not use lewd or improper language in the presence of other users nor engage in physical or verbal altercations with other users. 

___ I will not use the Studio to produce illegal or prohibited content or to otherwise violate the copyright, privacy rights, or other rights of others.  

____ I will receive training pre-approved by PEG access staff before handling or using any City equipment.  I will properly use and handle the Facility and City-owned equipment (Equipment).  I will reimburse the City for any loss or damage to the Facility or Equipment that I cause by my negligence or intentional acts.

___ I will use the Facility and Equipment solely for the purpose of producing programming intended for cablecast on PEG access channels.  I will not use the Facility for personal gain or unlawful purposes.

___ I assume full responsibility for the programming that I provide for cablecast on the PEG access channels.  I release the City of Albuquerque, its officials, employees, and representatives, from any and all claims that may arise as a result of PEG access programming that I submit for cablecasting on the PEG access channels.  

___ I understand and agree that Producers are responsible for their cast and crew’s compliance with this PEG Access Code of Conduct.  I further understand and agree that a Producer’s Facility use privileges and/or the use privileges of the cast and crew may be suspended or revoked if a Producer, cast or crew member fails to comply with this Code of Conduct.  

___ I will arrive on time for my appointment and will not remain in the Studio past my allotted time.  I will give at least 24 hours’ notice to PEG access staff before cancelling a reservation at the Facility.  I will engage in sufficient production planning to ensure that my use of the Studio does not exceed the allotted time or interfere with other the production schedules of other users.

___ For as long as public health rules and policies remain in effect, or as otherwise required by the City:

I will wear a face mask at all times while in the Facility and maintain an appropriate distance from other Facility users.  I will produce all PEG access programming in compliance with applicable public health orders and guidelines, including Back2One: A set of principles, recommendations, and resources for film and television productions during the COVID-19 pandemic (available at  

____ I will clean the Studio at the end of each filming slot and ensure the Studio is returned to its original condition prior to the end of filming activities.  

____ I will not consume food or drink while in the Studio, be under the influence of or consume alcohol, marijuana, or illegal substances while at the Facility, and will comply with the smoking restrictions set forth in the Albuquerque Clean Indoor Air Ordinance, §§ 9-5-5-1 et seq. R.O.A. 1994, while at the Facility.  I will not use e-cigarettes in the Facility.

____ I will report any violations of this Code of Conduct to PEG access staff promptly upon becoming aware of such violations.  

___ I will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation or family status when using the Facility or producing programming for the PEG access channels.  

By my signature below, I represent and warrant that I have read and understand the PEG Code of Conduct, agree to be bound by its terms, and acknowledge that any violation of these requirements by producers, cast or crew may result in temporary or permanent loss of access to the Facility and/or Equipment. 



Albuquerque PEG Access administration shall maintain a complete record of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all Applicants (Local Producers) who submit programs for PEG Access airing, as well as persons, groups, organizations or entities requesting PEG Access time. This record shall be available for public inspection during regular business hours (9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., Mon. –Thurs.). Records will be retained for at least two (2) years.



Albuquerque PEG Access administration may add the following text before and after all satellite downloaded programming: “This program is sponsored by (organization or applicant name).”




An individual PEG Access program or series may receive one airing in a six (6) month period; and two (2) airings in a year. A series is defined as four (4) or more programs per month. All programming is subject to change. A Community Producer will lose his/her regularly scheduled series time slot if Albuquerque PEG Access does not receive a minimum of four (4) new programs per month or if programs are delivered late. Albuquerque PEG Access administration reserves the right to refuse multiple airings of the same programs.



Applicants shall be allowed to use a reasonable time for their PEG Access program. No individual applicant will monopolize the channel time. In fairness to each PEG Access Community Producer, institution, agency or organization and all applicants, Albuquerque PEG Access administration reserves the right to determine airtime and the number of shows submitted for air in any given week. Additional guidelines to ensure equitable time allocation may be imposed when necessary. If an Albuquerque resident requests time to air an alternative viewpoint to one presented on PEG Access, the program will be aired if it meets Albuquerque PEG Access technical requirements.



The actual airing of a particular program may be delayed when PEG Access demand exceeds available programming time.



Albuquerque PEG Access administration reserves the right to change the scheduled air date and time without advanced notice to the PEG Access user. In addition, Albuquerque PEG Access administration may also change the hours and days of channel operation without notice.



In the event that channel space becomes fully utilized, PEG Access Community Producers will be added to a waiting list.



a. By Production Sources:

i. Programs focused on time relevant events or subjects affecting the communities of viewers in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County are given first priority.

ii. Programs produced within the City of Albuquerque’s service area are second in priority.

iii. Programs produced within Bernalillo County are next in priority and those produced outside the County are last in priority.


b. If Requests for Time Exceed Availability:

i. Locally produced programs have priority over programs produced out of the area and by non-residents.ii. Albuquerque PEG Access administration will generally give priority to programs that are topical and timely.


c. Live Programming can preempt taped programming, but not without prior notice to the Albuquerque PEG Administration. The preempted taped programming may be rescheduled at a later date and time.


All programming that is broadcasted live on Albuquerque PEG Access must adhere to the same content standards as taped programming.




1. Individual pre-recorded programs shall be delivered at least 1-2 weeks prior to the date on which the program is scheduled to be aired.

2. Series programs must be received by the Albuquerque PEG Access administration no later than five (5) days prior to the date of airing. Two violations of this requirement will result in loss of series time slot.

3. Please remember the time to pick up and drop off programs is during regular business hours (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Mon – Thurs).

4. Please do not deliver program masters. Although every attempt is made to return programs, Albuquerque PEG Access administration cannot guarantee that every program will be returned.

5. All material is required to be properly labeled.

For example - Title of show – Number of show – Subtitle of show – Contact information 

My Show – Episode 201 – My Episode – John Doe (760) 555-6600




Albuquerque PEG Access administration only accepts digital files for PEG Access broadcasting.



These standards are required for every submitted program — individual and series.



  • Flash drive
  • External Hard Drive
  • Data DVDs
  • File sharing services such as DropBox or Google Drive



  • Content must arrive at Albuquerque PEG Access broadcast ready – DO NOT include bars and tone, slate, countdown, or black heads and tails.
  • Content must be 16X9 or 29.97fps NTSC.
  • Audio must occupy two audio channels (stereo) and maintain the output of -12db.



  • All programs must be professionally edited.
  • Camera edits made by turning the camera off and on while shooting are not acceptable.
  • Albuquerque PEG Access does not air programming that is unprofessionally mastered because it introduces glitches, breakups and/or snow, and lowers picture quality resulting in transmission problems.



Content submitted to the PEG Administration staff for cablecast shall conform to these specifications for broadcast:


Standard Definition

Preferred: .mpeg | Acceptable: .mov, .mp4, .mxf 

720x480 (preferred) 

Frame rate: 29.97


High Definition:

Preferred: .mpeg | Acceptable: .mov, .mp4, .mxf 

Frame rates: 29.97, 30, 59.94, 60


Additional Resolution Standards:

Submitted files need to be at in the following resolutions:


Standard Definition

  • 720x512
  • 720x480 (preferred)
  • 704x480
  • Frame rate: 29.97
  • Field order: top field first


High Definition

  • 1920x1080i

Scan Type: Interlaced

Frame rate: 29.97

Field order: top field first


Scan Type: Progressive

Frame rate: 59.94


Scan Type: Interlaced

Frame rate: 29.97

Field order: top field first


Scan Type: Interlaced

Frame rate: 29.97

Field order: top field first



  • Program audio shall be recorded on both channels (stereo preferred or dual mono).
  • Programming consisting exclusively of dialog on one channel and ambiance on the   other audio channel must be mixed to mono and recorded on both audio channels.
  • Audio shall be recorded in phase.
  • No tone or color bars at beginning of program.
  • Maintain optimum audio level at -12 db. Do not go over – 6 db to avoid sound distortions.




Responsibilities of the Albuquerque Cable Franchise and Hearing Board (“Cable Board”):

  • Keeping the Mayor and City Council informed on relevant PEG related matters;
  • Making recommendations to the Mayor, City Council and PEG Access about the best use of PEG channels;;
  • Promoting and helping to develop optimal utilization of the PEG system;
  • Promoting community outreach and providing a forum for citizen recommendations and concerns with regard to the use of facilities, programming and other related issues;
  • Promoting collaboration and support for community television that will generate an on-going commitment to providing the resources necessary for quality community television; and
  • Handling Complaint and Dispute Resolution related to PEG Access.


  1. The Cable Board of the City of Albuquerque will monitor the effectiveness of Albuquerque’s PEG Access services, and help ensure that those services conform to the requirements of the Comcast franchise agreement, Sections 13-5-3-1 to 13-5-3-15 (Revised Ordinances of Albuquerque, 2019) , while safeguarding the public’s interest in community television through policies promoting fairness, equal access, and non-discrimination. The Cable Board is also intended to promote quality telecommunication services that reflect the interests and concerns of Albuquerque/Bernalillo County residents.


  1. Any community producer or organized group with a complaint about PEG access and its administration or who wishes to appeal a disciplinary action taken against them for non-compliance with these PEG Access Programming Guidelines may seek action by contacting (in writing) the Cable Board or by completing an online complaint form at the website of the Cable Board:  Complainants shall contact the Cable Board or complete the online complaint from within ten (10) calendar days of such disciplinary action or other aggrieved action.  Failure to timely submit a written appeal in compliance with this Paragraph 3 of these guidelines shall be grounds for rejection of the appeal.


  1. Any aggrieved party who has been denied access to the resources of Albuquerque PEG Access may within ten (10) calendar days of such denial file with the Cable Board a written appeal.  The written appeal must set forth the grounds for the appeal, including a brief statement of the facts and arguments forming the basis of the appeal. The date of said rejection and the name and title of the person issuing the rejection shall be included in the written appeal.  Failure to timely submit a written appeal in compliance with this Paragraph 3 of these guidelines shall be grounds for rejection of the appeal.


  1. The Cable Board will hear the appeal at its next regularly scheduled meeting. A hearing will be conducted upon the matter wherein the appealing party and Albuquerque PEG Access administration may present all evidence, including witnesses, which support permitting or denying access to the resources of PEG Access.  At the conclusion of the hearing, and within twenty (20) days thereof,  written decision shall be mailed to the appealing party setting forth the Board’s determination.  The Cable Board may extend the twenty (20) day time frame for good cause.


5. The Cable Board will annually review programming and provide guidance to PEG Access administration on how to better meet community needs.





To contact the Cable Board, please email [email protected]