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A Lotta Otter Fun

Chaos and Mayhem are getting ready for their new home.

January 31, 2018 - The ABQ BioPark's female otters Chaos and Mayhem have been behind the scenes for about a year now. The BioPark is still working on getting their habitat ready, but in the meantime, keepers have been working with the pair on proactive health care training and getting them ready for their big move to the Aquarium in the next few months. 

Chaos and Mayhem currently have their own space behind the scenes at the Zoo, where they have a pool, plastic kiddie slide and table, various logs to crawl in and explore, a large tire and many other items to keep their minds active.

Otter "Mayhem" at the BioPark.

"They're so smart we have to change their space daily," said Maddie Gandara, ABQ BioPark Aquarium otter trainer. "If they're bored, they'll find mischievous things to do." 

Otter Chaos in Water at the ABQ BioPark

The two also like to lay out and sunbathe together.

Otters sunbathing at the ABQ BioPark.

Chaos is shy, while Mayhem is the bolder of the two. Nonetheless, Chaos has made strides in the past year working with keeper Ashley Baca.

Otter Mayhem at the BioPark

Learn more about the otters and their training regimen here.

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