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What to Expect

School field trips to the BioPark can be more enjoyable by following these guidelines.

Buses & Bus Parking

Buses: Drop off and pick up students in designated areas.

Zoo: Enter the main lot through the first entrance (designated with "Bus Entry" signs) and drop off passengers at the loading/unloading area north of the Group Entry. Park across the street at Tingley Park or at the north end of the Zoo lot, near 10th and Stover SW. Download a map of bus routes and parking.

Aquarium & Botanic Garden: Buses should drop students off on the east side of the main Botanic Garden parking lot. This is the side closest to Central Avenue. Drivers can follow the signs to the student drop off area. Then, buses may proceed west to the Heritage Farm to park. At the end of the field trip, buses can pick students up at the same location as the drop off.

Aquarium-9.jpgArrival & Chaperones

Wristbands are distributed to visiting students and chaperones. These serve as tickets for entry and re-entry.

Chaperones are responsible for their group at all times and should remain with students.

Pedal Boats

Field trip groups to the Zoo must have at least one chaperone on each boat riding on the water, and must also have a chaperone on land to supervise guests who are not riding. This means that for all field trips one adult chaperone and three guests are allowed per boat; children may not be left alone on shore. As always, please ensure a guest 18 years of age or older purchases the pedal boat tickets.

Food & Drink

Lunches and other food items may be brought into the BioPark. Glass items are prohibited.

Zoo: Food can be eaten on Cottonwood Park, in front of the band shell.

Aquarium & Botanic Garden: Food can be eaten on the Plaza or on the Festival Green in the Botanic Garden.

Food and drinks are prohibited inside the Aquarium.