Teen Corner

Make art anywhere at any time! Teen Corner is a resource for teen artists offered by Albuquerque Museum. Expand your art making abilities or try something entirely new. Browse video lessons that explore a variety of techniques, artist designed color pages, and creative exercises to keep your mind active.

Get Inspired. Get Creative

Artist Designed Coloring Pages

Teen Corner Coloring Pages ThumbnailsEnhance these images using crayons, pencils, markers, paints, or other materials you have at home.

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Creative Suggestion Book

Video Lessons

These 20-30 minute lessons are designed and presented by the Museum’s teaching artists. Instructors share techniques and tips on a variety of mediums. Choose from collage, drawing, watercolor, and more. 

Color and Line Exploration

How does adding color affect my work? How does my piece change as I fill spaces with color? What is inspiring my marks?

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Exploring Symbols

Are the symbols and text conveying my message? How does my piece change as I fill the space? 

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Pattern and Collage

Do I prefer symmetry or asymmetry? Am I creating a representational or abstract design?

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Figuration and Abstraction

Where am I seeing negative and positive space as I work? Consider the use of colors. If I rotate my paper, can I see something new?

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Where I'm From

Which places, people, and events are most important to me? What does my map design say about me?

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Identity Street Sign

What imagery or text represents what I want to say to my community? What colors and shapes support my message?

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These materials were created by teaching artists in the Art Matters program. Art Matters is a youth arts project dedicated to bringing authentic, engaging arts experiences to Albuquerque youth. They have presented art making experiences in community settings around the city including the Bernalillo County Youth Services Center, A New Day Safe Home, Transgender Resource Center New Mexico, South Broadway Cultural Center and Albuquerque Museum.