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Art Matters

Art Matters is an outreach program dedicated to designing creative experiences for youth ages 13 and up. These 20–30 minute videos invite you to experiment with a variety of media. Make art on your own or with others—wherever you are, whenever you want!

Get Inspired. Be Creative.


Ade: Musical Art

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Ade: Spring Blooms

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Shelly: Wishing Wells

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Shelly: Sharpies and Watercolor

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Landis: Self Love Notes

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Landis: Plant Sketching

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Artist Zines

These zines were created by the Art Matters teaching artists to share their art, thoughts and words with a teen audience. Topics include mental health, gratitude, climate and social justice, creative play, and Albuquerque Faves among others. Browse the pages of the zines below and discover something that interests you! 

Art Matters Teaching Artists and Zine Contributors

Ade Cruz (they/them) is a queer, non binary Chicanx visual artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. They primarily work with painting, digital illustration and murals. Their work delves into a range of themes that are informed by their personal life experiences, their communities, relationship to animals and the natural world. Their works aims to depict the beauty and complexities of their culture, sexuality, gender, spirituality, nature and the psyche. As a painter,muralist, art educator and youth worker, they believe art can be used to connect, educate, activate, disrupt, heal pasts and envision futures together.

Landis Pulido is an artist, educator, and healing justice practitioner who believes in co-creating a learning environment which strives to meet each community member where they are. Through the lens of Popular Education, she works towards co-creating an inclusive and safe environment. She believes in bringing in the breath, movement and healing into the arts and creative space to invite wholeness and imagination.

Michelle (SHELLY) Korte loves making art! Painting, drawing, sculpting, collage, writing, printmaking..all of it! She’s been teaching and showing her work in places around the world for over 20 years. She moved to Tijeras, NM in 2014 and has been growing symbolic roots and branches at her home and in the community ever since.


The Art Matters youth arts project is a group of teaching artists who bring authentic, engaging arts experiences to Albuquerque youth. Our content is designed to engage participants in art making, with a focus on social justice, whole-person health, community, joy, and creative engagement at the core of our process.

Art Matters Workshops

Interested in having a workshop for youth at your site? Complete this form to make a request.

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