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Volunteer Programs at Albuquerque Museum

How do I Apply?

There are no current volunteer opportunities at this time.

A collage of four photos featuring people visiting various galleries and exhibitions at the Albuquerque Museum. Clockwise from top left: A group of young girls smile at a large sculpture of a fantastical animal. A group of people, including adults and children, work on a craft project using multi-colored pipe-cleaners. A man and a woman rest on a wooden bench and look at a gallery piece that's out of frame. A group of four middle-aged women gather for a group photo. They are standing in a row and smiling at the audience.

Become a Museum Guide

Albuquerque Museum is committed to welcoming diverse audiences that are reflective of our community.  Museum Guides facilitate learning experiences in the galleries, sculpture garden, in Old Town, Casa San Ysidro and online. These volunteers are key partners in our mission to create an inclusive environment where everyone can be inspired and find connection with art and history.

Why Volunteer at Albuquerque Museum?

  • Be part of a team of professionals committed to engaging the community in art and history with the Museum’s over 100,000 visitors annually.
  • Learn about Albuquerque Museum collections and exhibitions directly from curators and other Museum staff.
  • Meet other people who share an interest in art, history and education.
  • Enjoy social events including luncheons and field trips throughout the year.
  • Receive free general admission to the Museum and Casa San Ysidro, and a discount at the Museum Store.

What are the Benefits?

Museum Guides are part of a team of museum professionals committed to getting the community engaged in art and history.

Museum Guides receive free general admission to the Museum and Casa San Ysidro. They also receive a discount in the Museum Store.

An annual volunteer breakfast and service awards are provided. Social events including luncheons and field trips are offered throughout the year.

Choose Your Volunteer Path

Current Opportunities: There are no volunteer opportunities at this time.