School Programs 2021-22

Albuquerque Museum offers a number of resources to support teachers and students during the school year

Our mission is to connect students to the art, history, and culture of New Mexico. Stay tuned for information on virtual and in-person opportunities for this school year. In the meantime, please sign up to receive a notification when these opportunities become available.

Albuquerque Museum

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Casa San Ysidro

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Teacher Guides

Teacher guides featuring art and historical objects from the Museum’s permanent art and history galleries and Casa San Ysidro. Guides include lessons and images support student learning about the art, history and culture of New Mexico. For more information, call the Albuquerque Museum Education Department at 505-764-6502 or email Jody Vanesky.


Seven Generations of Red Power in New Mexico Teacher Guide

This guide features posters and documents from the exhibition that were created during the 1970s and 80s. They were created by different individuals and organizations to raise awareness about issues impacting Native American populations including relocation, resource extraction and pollution, police brutality, and colonialism. These primary sources can be a springboard for understanding seven generations of Native American activism both locally and nationally. Find the exhibition online HERE.