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Picture This! Video Podcast Gallery

Take a deep dive into the stories behind some of our most enigmatic images in the photo archives collection. Digital Archivist Jill Hartke narrates.

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FEATURED: Ep32 George Fischbeck & the First International Championship Rat Race

Today we are attending the First International Championship Rat Race, held in Albuquerque back in 1959.


Ep1: Van Tassel Balloon Launch 

Ep2: Dawson, New Mexico

Ep3: Lovelace Astronaut Program

Ep4: Itinerant Photographer

Ep5: King Albert I Visits Isleta

Ep6: Streetcars and Motorettes

Ep7: Let the Sunshine In

Ep8: Albuquerque Dukes

Ep9: NM in WWI

Ep10: Castle Huning

Ep11: Alabama Milner

Ep12: B.B. King in Placitas, New Mexico

Ep13: Harvey Girls

Ep14: Laundry Strike of 1919

Ep15: Clyde Tingley

Ep16: Carrie Tingley

Ep17: New Mexico State Cookie

Ep18: Public Health

Ep19: The Henge

Ep20: Mrs. Albright's Art Parlor 

Ep21: Owen Smaulding

Ep22: Laura Ingalls

Ep23: Sasebo City

Ep24: New Deal 

Ep25: African American Women's Clubs

Ep26: Tinseltown at the Depot

Ep27: Brooks Studio

Ep28: Grant Opera House Fire 

Ep25: African American Women's Clubs

Ep26: Tinseltown at the Depot

Ep27: Brooks Studio


                                                                                        Ep29: Owney the Postal Dog


                                                                                        Ep30: U.S.S. Shenandoah


                                                                                       Ep31: Francis Schlatter "The Healer"                        

About the Photo Archives

Photo Archives is a program of the Albuquerque Museum, a division of the Department of Arts and Culture, City of Albuquerque. Images are from the Museum's permanent collection. 

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