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Sanctuary - A Personal Journey

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An exhibition centered around the photographic medium with artists Fernando Delgado, Joan Fenicle, Marie Maher, Holly Roberts and Patrick Nagatani.

Sanctuary Exhibit, April 10 - May 30.

Art reception 6 - 8 p.m., Thursday, April 10.


SANCTUARY - Derived from the Latin (sanctuarium), is a safe haven, or a place offering protection, safety, shelter. The photographic medium is the common bond and point of departure for these fascinating variations on the theme. Drawing on personal references, the artists draw inspiration from story telling, humor, history, nature, memories and dreams. These notions are expressed in a variety of mixed media, materials and alternate
processes and consider the holistic effect of making images, beyond the image capture.

About the Artists:caption:
PATRICK NAGATANI was born in Chicago, he was raised and educated in Los Angeles where he first worked for the Hollywood film industry building special-effects models. His work deftly combines photography with built sets that question our ideas about historical truth. In 1987 he moved to Albuquerque to teach at the University of New Mexico. The body of work selected for this exhibition is from his new novel “The Race” where Nagatani seamlessly integrates words and images into a compelling fictional narrative.


HOLLY ROBERTS lives and works in Corrales, New Mexico. Roberts’ intuitive process blends painting and photographic techniquescaption: in a dynamic conversation about the joys, challenges and complexities of daily life. These intriguing expressions are deeply rooted in personal storylines that are integral to the visual experience. Through a series or self portraits, Roberts finds her “Sanctuary” and the opportunity to tell her story.



JOAN FENICLE traded her native Rocky Mountains of Colorado and came to live and work in caption:Placitas, New Mexico under the shadow of the Sandias. From a very early start, Fenicle has felt a connection to the natural world and a deep sense of joy in documenting the life that inhabits it. The images selected for this exhibition are a departure from representation and traditional materials. She considers them interpretations of the dream-like state that inhabits her childhood memories.




MARIE MAHER has maintained a fascination with photography ever since she was old enough caption:to hold a camera. That fascination extends to dreams and the transition from sleep to awakening. Her contemplative and cinematic approach invites the viewer into a Surrealist world of suspended animation where darkness can be both, intriguing and disturbing. Beyond the image capture, Maher’s “Sanctuary” images employ alternate processes and mediums that enhance these intangible dimensions.


FERNANDO DELGADO was born in Cuba and grew up in New Jersey. In 1981, Delgado caption:embarked on a successful advertising career in New York. While working with the best talent in the industry, he honed his skills as a creative professional. In 2005, he moved to the high desert of New Mexico where stepping behind the camera seemed only natural for Delgado. The images in this exhibition are part of a new body of work that Delgado views as “a confluence of many life lessons.” The diverse references, subjects and materials are all part of a historic, cultural and spiritual journey.

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