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Art exhibit featuring work by Linda Holland, Greg Tucker, Gary Wellman, Evan Dent, and George C de Baca.

The South Broadway Cultural Center is offering “A Night of the Arts” on Friday, February 7th that will include two screenings of a new film, Void, and the opening of “Peripheral Edges,” an exhibition featuring the works of five area artists. A reception for the artists is scheduled from 6 – 8 p.m. Admission is free.

E. Christina Herr & Wild Frontier—a band that is said to evoke a “weather report” of the West and Southwest of yesterday and today, will perform from 7 – 8 p.m.

Filmaker Justin Golightly’s new film, Void, tells the story of an astronaut who escapes a catastrophic accident in deep space. He uses the memories of his wife on Earth to guide his crippled spaceship home."With Void, I hoped to make something that examined what happens when a guilty person has to face themselves and all the decisions they've made. I chose science fiction, because I believe by looking at the future, we can examine ourselves without any preconceptions. I strongly believe we've created a very emotional and grand film experience and I can't wait to share it with everyone," said writer, producer and director, Justin Golightly, of his film, which will screen at 6:15 and 8:20 p.m.

The evening will also mark the opening of a new exhibition, Peripheral Edges, featuring the works of artists Linda Holland, Greg Tucker, Gary Wellman, Evan Dent and George C deBaca.

Linda Holland’s work is found in public art collections of the City, County and State as well as Western NM University. Her sculptures are also included in corporate and private collections across the U.S. Her sculptures collect objects, a link to her fascination with the ways everything from pebbles to people gather and disperse. Her paintings have a sculptural sensibility where gestural edges improvise conversation between color and form.

Georgia native Greg Tucker’s work today is the result of years of fulfilling his role as ‘starving artist’ as he moved through his earlier years. Discovering illustration/design, he followed in the footsteps of other, better-known artists into a successful career. His work has shown in Albuquerque since 2008 at Mariposa Gallery, and earlier at 516 Arts, the SCA artspace, the Graham Gallery, Outpost Performance Space and Meridian Gallery.

Gary Wellman hails from Wyoming and spent the first 20 years of his life in the Western U.S. After several years of world travel, he moved to Houston, where he graduated from the University of Houston with a BFA in Painting. His work has been shown in Houston, St. Louis, Kansas City and Albuquerque. At the center of his work is his upbringing by a whimsical, emotionally dramatic mother and a restrained, but imaginative father—making art an intrinsic part of his being.caption:A gallery view of Peripheral Edges.

Born and raised in the Nevada desert, Evan Dent received his MFA from UNLV and worked for The MacNamara Foundation artist residency on Westport Island, Maine. He works with imagery from early 20th century studio animation. Taken out of their original context and tweaked, seemingly innocent characters become a bit unnerving. The character relationship and stories in his work makes light of truly serious experiences.

George C deBaca was born in California and raised in New Mexico. He received his BFA from NM Highlands and an MFA in sculpture from Washington University in St. Louis. His work appears in numerous private collections and has been in numerous exhibitions throughout the U.S. His belief that art comes from a place that no one commands nor conquers—man’s personal and collective relationship with the mind, body and spirit.

South Broadway Cultural Center is managed by the Cultural Services Department, City of Albuquerque, Richard J. Berry, Mayor. The facility is a multi-cultural, visual, performing and literary art center that promotes, preserves and educates the community about the cultures and ethnicities that define Albuquerque. Located at 1025 Broadway SE, the unique architecture and colorful design of the building’s exterior is an attraction in the area. There is free parking immediately adjacent to the facility. For more information on events and activities at SBCC, visit www.cabq.gov/sbcc or call 311. TTY Users call 711. For handicap accessibility, call 505-848-1320.

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