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Urban Design & Development - EPC Forms

Forms and other documents needed when submitting applications to the Environmental Planning Commission.

About the EPC

The Environmental Planning Commission (EPC), which is supported by the Current Planning Section of the Urban Design and Development Division, reviews and approves amendments to the City’s official Zoning Map in response to zone change requests. It also has the authority to decide on site development plan approval requests for SU-1 zoned and shopping center designated sites. The EPC, in its advisory role to the City Council, reviews and provides recommendations on annexation requests, certain zone change requests, proposed amendments to the Zoning Code and adoption of major amendments to Rank I, II and III Plans - including the Comprehensive Plan, area plans and sector plans.

Forms for the EPC

Below you'll find forms and other documents that are required when submitting applications for recommendation or approval by the Environmental Planning Commission. If there are questions or if you need additional information, contact the Development Facilitator at (505) 924-3955.

Note: An electronic copy of all forms and documents relevant to an application as shown below shall be provided on a disc in the order shown at the time of submittal.

Zone Map Amendment or Sector Development Plan Map Amendments (Zone Change)

Site Development Plans and IP Master Development Plans

  • For Amendments to Existing Site Development Plans:
    • Copies of the existing DRB signed site plan to be amended (15 copies)
    • Copies of the Approved Site Development Plan for Subdivision and Design Standards, to amend the Site Development Plan for Building Permit, if applicable (15 copies)
    • Completed Site Plan for Building Permit Checklist (No checklist required for an amendment to a Site Development Plan for Subdivision)

Annexation and Establishment of Zoning