AGIS - Maps

Learn more about the Albuquerque Geographic Information System (AGIS).

What We Do

AGIS maintains and updates dozens of layers of geographical information in a computerized format. Geographic analysis of this data provides City officials a better understanding of existing conditions in Albuquerque, improving their ability to deliver services to Albuquerque’s citizens. In addition, GIS is a powerful tool for analyzing and monitoring growth and change in the City’s existing environment.

Beyond maintaining and updating information, AGIS creates custom maps and searches its layers of data for specific information. More specifically, AGIS makes special maps for the Planning Department, other City departments, the City Council, and other government agencies.

How We Serve You

For the general public, AGIS publishes the Zone Atlas and keeps a list of standard maps available at a reasonable cost.

For access to online information for such topics as zoning, schools and parks, please check the City of Albuquerque’s interactive GIS website.

  • For free map downloads and map purchases, click here.