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Rules for Balloonists

Hot Air Balloon Landing on Major Public Open Space Lands


Balloon Landing Rules, Regulations, Policies, and Procedures

Instructions for Retrieving Balloons from City Parks & Recreation Facilities:

A. City Parks and Golf Courses: If a balloon comes down in a City Park or Golf Course, the following procedure should be used.  The balloonist should call 311 or 505-768-2000.  If they have the number for the P&R facility, call the facility directly.

Parks and School Parks: If a balloon comes down in a park and it can be walked out safely no need to call the Parks and Recreation Department.  If the balloon truck needs to drive on the grass, please call 311.

Golf Courses: Call the respective pro shops so a field marshal can work with the balloonist in removing the balloon.

Northeast:    Los Altos Golf Course, Eubank & I-40 (505) 298-1897

Arroyo del Oso Golf Course, Louisiana & Osuna, (505) 884-7505

Southeast: Puerto del Sol Golf Course, Gibson & Girard, (505) 265-5636

Westside: Ladera Golf Course, Ladera & Sequoia, (505) 836-4449

B.  Open Space:

-Call OS Law Enforcement Dispatch before entry - 452-5206

-     No fencing can be cut

-     Access is restricted to dirt two-way access roads

-     Balloonists and crew are responsible for damage


-     “Emergency landing only”

-     Walk it out

-     NPS does not assist

-     No fencing can be cut

-     No vehicles allowed   


  1. Balloon-landing at the Los Poblanos Fields (LPF) Open Space ALWAYS requires communication w/a designated Law Enforcement agency [normally the Open Space Unit of the APD] for entry and escort;
  2. During the official dates of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (AIBF), ‘NON-EMERGENCY’ landings are PERMITTED;
  3. During all remaining, ‘non-AIBF’ dates, ONLY EMERGENCY landings are permitted (‘Emergency’ defined below);
  4. Access to LPF for chase-crews and vehicles is always to be made from Montano Road and through the (normally locked) southern farm-gate;
  5. Chase-crew vehicles are strictly required to remain on dirt farm-roads during all parts of the balloon recovery operation;
  6. All landings take place within ‘approved’ areas in LPF, as indicated on maps provided by the City of Albuquerque Open Space Division (OSD).



    Landing on the gravel parking-lot in the SW-corner of the LPF property is PERMITTED year-around without prior APD contact.


    The subject parking-lot is (a) due east of the Shepherd of the Valley church complex, and (b) north of Montano Road, and (c) west of Tierra Viva Place, NW (the LPF entry road off Montano), and (d) south of POWER-LINES and the Hackman Lateral ditch.

    See attached hyper-link or map for graphic illustration of above:,-106.659785&spn=0.002208,0.003819&t=h&z=18&vpsrc=6



    • The Open Space Dispatch phone-number is 505.452.5206;
    • The APD phone-number is 505.242.2677 (242.COPS);
    • Caller should ask to be put in contact or relay an URGENT message to the APD ‘Open Space Unit’ in order to REQUEST ENTRY and ESCORT for the landing balloon’s chase-crew;


    • The responding Law Enforcement officer will:
      • Make contact w/ the subject balloonist chase crew and un-lock perimeter gates to allow entry into LPF, and
      • Escort the balloonist and chase-crew into LPF to ensure field-boundaries are respected and that there is no damage to farm crops or farm infrastructure.



    A non-routine event that is necessitated by extraordinary conditions – such as rough weather or a mechanical malfunction or failure – and that requires communication w/a designated Law Enforcement agency [normally the Open Space Unit of the APD], in order to coordinate entry and balloon recovery at LPF during ‘non-AIBF’ times.

    Each year, and by the first week in February, the farmers and the Open Space Division (OSD) will:

    • Agree on that year’s overall crop plan; will
    • Designate ‘permissible landing areas’ based on that plan; and the OSD will
    • Publish a color-coded map indicating the various landing areas to the City web-site



    CITY of ALBUQUERQUEBalloon Landing Rules, Regulations, Policies, and Procedures