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Dogs & Open Space

Learn proper etiquette for taking your pet into a Major Public Open Space area.

When you allow your dog to roam Open Space lands off-leash, you are subjecting yourself, your pet, the ecosystem, and other leashed animals and their owners to possible severe consequences.

These include:

  • Damage to the environment, such as soil erosion and harm to naturally occurring flora
  • Harm to the wildlife (For example, if your dog chases a small mammal, the animal may put forth more energy than it it capable of, thus causing it to become immobile and unable to hunt for food. The animal also becomes more vulnerable to attack.)
  • Dog exposure to deadly viruses, such as Rabies and Plague (Dogs are more likely to encounter animals that carry these viruses when they are off-leash and thus not under the direct supervision of the owner.)
  • Human exposure to these viruses through the pet
  • Pet/pet or pet/wildlife confrontations, which are extremely difficult to control when the dog is not restrained by a leash
  • Anyone subjected to dog bites will likely receive painful shots, known as postexposure prophylaxis
  • Fining and legal penalties for the owner of the dog

*Mutt mitts are available at some Open Space trailheads. Please help us keep these lands clean and bring your own bag in the case that mutt mitts are not available.
Need proof of how much dog poop is out there in Open Space and how bad the problem is? See this photo.

Specified off-leash dog parks

There are specific locations around Albuquerque that have been deemed safe for off-leash activity and designated as official off-leash dog parks.

A full list of these parks is available here.