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Rules for Balloonists

Instructions for retrieving balloons from Albuquerque City Parks and Recreation facilities:

City Parks & Golf Courses

If a balloon comes down in a City Park or Golf Course, the following procedure should be used: The balloonist should call 505-857-8650 between 7am and 3:30 pm. Before and after that time, use the on-call number, 505-259-9650.

Parks and School Parks: If a balloon comes down in a park and it can be walked out safely, no need to call the Parks and Recreation Department. If the balloon truck needs to drive on the grass, the balloonist should call 505-857-8650 between 7am and 3:30 pm; before and after that time, use the on-call number, 505-259-9650.

Golf Courses: Contact either the pro shop or the maintenance supervisor for the Golf Course access. Balloon chase vehicles will be granted golf course access with authorized escort. It is preferred that balloonists land on the sides of the fairways to prevent interruption of golf play. Chase vehicles are prohibited from driving on the golf course, tees, bunkers, and greens.


Los Altos Golf Course Proshop, Eubank & I-40 505-298-1897

Los Altos Golf Course Maintenance, Loisel Sotelo 505-573-8756

Arroyo del Oso Golf Course Proshop, Louisiana & Osuna, 505-884-7505

Arroyo del Oso Golf Course Maintenance, John Allen 505-917-1225


Puerto del Sol Golf Course, Gibson & Girard, 505-265-5636

Puerto del Sol Golf Course Maintenance, Henry Rodarte 505-850-5735


Ladera Golf Course, Ladera & Sequoia, 505-836-4449

Ladera Golf Course Maintenance, James Lucero 505-205-6550

Open Space

  • Call Open Space Law Enforcement before entry: 505-242-COPS (2677)
  • No fencing may be cut
  • Access is restricted to existing maintenance roads and with law enforcement escort only
  • Balloonists and crew are responsible for any damage

Los Poblanos Fields Open Space

Download rules specific to balloon landings in Los Poblanos Fields.

Beware of the power lines between parking lot and farm fields.


Petroglyph National Monument

Landings are not allowed in Petroglyph National Monument. If, however, you do land on the Monument property, you must call the Petroglyph Visitor Center at 505-899-0205 x335 either before or immediately after your landing and give your location. The Visitor Center will dispatch a law enforcement Ranger to respond.

For any landings in the Monument:

  • National Park Service Law Enforcement Rangers must be notified
  • Balloon must be walked out of the Monument
  • Vehicles and off-Road driving are prohibited in the Monument
  • No fences may be cut
  • The owner or pilot of the balloon will be responsible for any government property or resource damage caused by the landing or retrieval
  • In extenuating circumstances, the Law Enforcement Ranger on scene will work with the balloon pilot/owner to safely remove the balloon from the Monument