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Photo of the Week: Wonderland

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Marine seascapes offer wonders of a hidden world.

Posted December 20, 2013. Photo courtesy of Dewan Ibtesham.

The 285,000 gallon Shark Tank is home to sand tiger, black tip, sand bar, nurse and zebra sharks. These super predators have a “sixth sense” called electroreception, used for hunting. Special organs (ampullae of Lorenzini) help sharks sense electric fields in the water to detect fish.

The mysteries of the deep are unveiled at the Aquarium. Stingrays, pacific fishes, sea jellies and new chambered nautili all show off their bizarre and beautiful adaptations. Warm up this winter inside while you learn about aquatic life.

This January, BioPark Beginnings is going to start a new semester of its preschool program. Each Tuesday or Wednesday, parents and kids ages 3-6 can explore the Aquarium and the rest of the BioPark with Ms. Ann to discover nature’s wonderlands.

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