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Photo of the Week: Rockin' Takins

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Young Sichuan takins are natural-born mountain climbers.

Posted June 25, 2014.
Photo by Ray Watt.

On May 15, the zoo welcomed a new baby Sichuan takin. Little “Bo,” a playful and energetic kid, enjoys romping around the takin yard. Kids of many species have a special aptitude for using their parents as playgrounds, and Bo seems right at home climbing on his mama, Zhu, as if she were a rock.

Though Zhu can be aggressive toward her human keepers, this first-time mother is tender toward her baby and doesn’t seem to mind being his climbing gym. For these cold-loving, mountain-climbing goat-antelopes, developing a sure footing early in life is essential. Takins traverse the rugged terrain of the Himalayas and western China, and weigh an average of 600 pounds as adults.

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