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Photo of the Week: Sandbar Sharks

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Two sandbar sharks join the Shark Tank.

Posted May 29, 2014. A sandbar shark swims in the ABQ BioPark Aquarium's Shark Tank. Photo Courtesy Amy Landers/ABQ BioPark.

How do you move a shark through the desert? In a moving van, of course! Aquarists from the BioPark recently traveled to Tempe, Ariz. to pick up two sandbar sharks that had grown too large for their tanks. Riding in water-tight containers in the back of a rented truck, the sharks made the 6-hour journey to Albuquerque while the aquarists monitored the water temperature and chemistry. The two small sharks join the 5 other sandbars in the Shark Tank and are adjusting well.

Sandbar sharks have huge dorsal fins, squarish noses and a light lead-gray color. They stick close to the shallow waters of temperate and tropical coastal edges around the world. They swim in the Mediterranean and the Pacific, and around the northern edges of Australia and the eastern line of the Americas. They are the most abundant large shark in the western Atlantic and can grow to be seven feet long.

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