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Photo of the Week: Boy or Girl?

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Saturday's Orangutan Baby Shower includes a gender reveal party.

Sarah the Sumatran orangutan with her baby.

Posted May 9, 2013. Photo courtesy of Dean Hanson (@abqDean / @ABQJournal).

At 12 days old, the orangutan baby is already out and about with mother Sarah, and BioPark guests can see the pair in their zoo habitat. Mother and baby are healthy and have rejoined the group without difficulty. But one question remains: is this baby a boy or girl?

On Saturday, May 11, at 10 a.m., visitors are invited to an Orangutan Baby Shower. The orangutans will reveal the gender when they open special enrichment filled with treats and blue or pink paper! Guests can enjoy gender-revealing cake (with blue or pink filling), baby name voting, discovery stations, games and door prizes.

Sumatran orangutans (Pongo abelii) are endangered due to deforestation and habitat loss. The ABQ BioPark Zoo participates in a Species Survival Plan (SSP) to promote genetic diversity and sustainable populations through captive breeding. Sarah has been a wonderful mother to several orangutan babies, and has greatly contributed to the success of the SSP. Join us for a Mother’s Day celebration as we recognize mothers of all species on Sunday, May 12.

Do you think Sarah’s baby is a boy or a girl? Join the conversation on Facebook.

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