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Photo of the Week: Black Lily Magnolia


Spring has officially arrived, and we have the blooms to prove it.

Black Lily Magnolia

Posted March 21, 2013. Photo courtesy of Maria Thomas/ABQ BioPark.

The Sasebo Japanese Garden’s black lily magnolias (Magnolia liliiflora ‘Nigra’) peek the interest of passersby with purple, showy flowers. Fragrant star magnolias are also starting to bloom, with ‘Snofozam’ weeping cherry trees right behind them.

If you haven’t started gardening yet, it’s not too late to get dirt under your fingernails. Visit the many displays at the Botanic Garden to inspire your own backyard ideas: create edible landscapes, flower beds, xeriscape designs or pollinator habitats.

The beginning of spring is celebrated as a time of rebirth and renewal. At the Botanic Garden, we are tracking these signs of spring and welcoming the season with beautiful colors and fresh aromas.

What tips do you have for living green this spring? Join the conversation on Facebook.

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