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Photo of the Week: Person of the Forest


Orangutan family charms ABQ BioPark visitors.

Sarah and Pixel

Posted November 13, 2013. Photo courtesy of Anthony Edaakie.

The word orangutan means “person of the forest,” a fitting name for these intelligent primates that spend 90% of their lives in trees. Today, rainforests are disappearing because they are a major source of palm oil. Palm oil is used in chocolate, makeup and other common products.

Zoo visitors are helping make a difference. Last weekend, guests celebrated Orangutan Care Day by learning about palm oil and sustainable products. Many also downloaded a smart phone app that makes smart shopping easier.

This year, the BioPark continued its conservation efforts by welcoming baby Pixel. Now six months old, Pixel has five teeth coming in and weighs eight pounds. Mother Sarah is starting to feed him spinach, celery, and when she’s feeling especially generous, fruit. Sister Reese is starting to “babysit,” and she’ll sit on the play structure while holding Pixel.

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