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Endangered Species Awareness Week, May 12-16


Hands-on learning about nature’s threatened animals

Endangered Species Awareness Week, May 12-16

Komodo dragons are important scavengers in their island ecosystems, but are endangered. Photo by Amy Landers/ABQ BioPark.

May 12, 2014

Come to the ABQ BioPark Zoo for Endangered Species Awareness Week on May 12-16 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Each day, visit discovery stations to learn about the critical role that endangered species play in their environments, and how conservation work is helping to protect these animals. Learn about some of the world’s keystone species that are threatened because of habitat loss, poaching or climate change, and find out concrete ways we can help.

Hands-on activities will give children and adults alike a chance to get to know these animals better. Learn about behaviors and environmental needs of the animals from volunteers, and be sure to watch for special animal keeper presentations.

“Endangered Species Awareness Week is a good reminder that everything is connected, and it is a chance to celebrate the positive impact of protection,” says Jo Pelhan, Zoo Education Specialist. “The bald eagle is one great example. Because of the protection through the Endangered Species Act and because of ways people changed their behaviors with pesticides, the species is no longer endangered.”

Each day highlights a different endangered species:

  • Monday - explore the island life of Komodo Dragons, one of natures “garbage disposals” that helps keep diseases under control.
  • Tuesday - learn about the BioPark’s role in protecting New Mexico’s own Mexican Gray Wolves.
  • Wednesday - celebrate the success story of the bald eagle.
  • Thursday - find out what you can do to support Asian elephant conservation and visit Jazmine, the BioPark’s newest elephant.
  • Friday - wrap up the week with a visit to some of the only Tasmanian devils in the U.S.

Endangered Species Awareness Week Events are included with regular admission.

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