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BioPark Photo of the Week: Bamboo, Pine and Plum Blossoms


An old tradition welcomes the new year.

Kadomatsu at the Sasebo Japanese Garden

Celebrate the new year with Kadomatsu at the Botanic Garden. These traditional arrangements flank the entrance of the Sasebo Japanese Garden through January 13. In Japanese culture, kadomatsu at thresholds capture good spirits and represent good luck.

The bamboo and pine symbolize strength and longevity, while the plum blossom knot represents purity and hope. The Botanic Garden staff created the kadomatsu using materials selected and shipped from Portland, Oregon by Toru Tanaka, the landscape architect who designed our Japanese Garden.

On January 14, we will burn the kadomatsu to release good spirits and carry wishes for a vibrant and beautiful Botanic Garden in 2013.

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