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How a Hot Air Balloon Works and its Major Parts
This illustrated PDF describes the math and science behind hot air balloon flight.
W Meeting Room Dimensions
A .pdf of the W Meeting Room Dimensions.
Square Footage of Rental Space
A .pdf of the square footage of rental space at the Balloon Museum
Sky Hall Dimensions
A .pdf showing the Sky Hall dimensions.
Pugash Hall Dimensions
A .pdf of Pugash Hall Dimensions.
Conference Room
A .pdf of conference room dimensions.
Conference Room
A diagram of the Conference Room at the Balloon Museum.
West Meeting Room
A diagram of the West Meeting Room at the Balloon Museum.
Pugash Hall
A diagram of Pugash Hall at the Balloon Museum.
Sky Lounge
A diagram of the Sky Lounge at the Balloon Museum.
Balloon Museum Board of Trustees Minutes 12-3-14
Saint Paddy's Vendor Application 2015
BOT 2-4-15
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