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Air Quality News

Determination that 2018 Regional Sulfur Dioxide Emissions Milestone has been met

In accordance with the Regional Haze State Implementation Plan ("SIP") element for Albuquerque - Bernalillo County, the City of Albuquerque, Environmental Health Department ("EHD"), has determined that a regulatory requirement of the SIP has been met. Reported 2018 emissions of sulfur dioxide from affected sources were less than the 2018 Regional Sulfur Dioxide Emissions Milestone, which means the milestone has been met.

Albuquerque Asphalt, Inc.

Albuquerque Asphalt, Inc. requests an air quality construction permit for a 300 tons per hour portable aggregate/recycle plant in Application #3391

Regional Haze planning underway

The Environmental Health Department, Air Quality Program, is cooperating with the New Mexico Environment Department to develop a proposal for a statewide Regional Haze plan.