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Report issues, request service, and ask questions with ABQ311.

Alexa Device

An image of an Amazon Echo Dot device.

Use the ABQ311 skill for Alexa to ask questions, report issues, and request service.


A screenshot of the ABQ311 Web App issue submission form.

Use the web app to report issues and request service from your computer.

Report Online


The One ABQ mobile app logo.

Report an issue and request service anytime using the OneABQ Mobile App.


The 311 Citizen Contact Center logo.

The Citizen Contact Center is here to help you report issues and request service.

Contact 311

What can you do with ABQ311?

You can report an issue or request a service, including those listed below, to the City of Albuquerque through the tools above:


  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Broken street lights
  • Graffiti
  • Lost animals
  • Missed trash pick-up
  • Pothole
  • Weed complaints


  • Information about City events, programs, and services
  • Large-item garbage pick-up
  • Residential trash or recycle bins
  • Traffic pavement markings
  • Traffic signs