One Albuquerque Age-Friendly

Learn about Albuquerque's efforts to achieve Age-Friendly designation by AARP and the World Health Organization.

 Age-Friendly Albuquerque

Age-Friendly cities are livable communities that allow people of all ages to thrive.

What is age-friendly?

Age-Friendly is a designation from the World Health Organization (WHO) and AARP that recognizes a community for livability standards that enable people of all ages to live in security, enjoy good health and participate fully in society. AARP and the WHO use the following 8 Domains of Livability as a framework for communities working to be more age-friendly:

  • Outdoor Spaces and Buildings: Safe and accessible parks and buildings that allow for engaged and active living
  • Transportation: Reliable and affordable transit options that connect people to their community
  • Housing: Sufficient, affordable and safe housing near community spaces and resources
  • Social Participation: Community and social events that engage all ages
  • Respect and Social Inclusion: People of all ages are made to feel welcome and important
  • Civic Participation and Employment: Employment, entrepreneurship and volunteer options for all ages
  • Communication and Information: Regular and accessible information spread through diverse print and digital media
  • Community and Health Services: Accessible health and wellness resources that come from the community

The City of Albuquerque Department of Senior Affairs is honored to announce that Albuquerque was designated an age-friendly community by AARP and the WHO in February 2021.  To expand this initiative even further throughout Albuquerque, Department of Senior Affairs engaged over 50 community partners who have made commitment statements to uphold age-friendly practices.  

Preliminary Findings from the Age-Friendly Survey and Community Listening Sessions

We gathered community input through socially distant community listening sessions over the phone and Internet, as well as through our online and paper survey. We had over 1,300 survey responses and hosted 5 focus group listening sessions and multiple one-on-one interviews. The City is now writing an action plan to address the needs and concerns community members shared through these sessions and surveys. Some of these items include:

  • Increase public safety/decrease vagrancy, crime, public disturbances and traffic violations
  • Increase the availability, affordability and accessibility of transportation resources
  • Increase affordable and safe housing options
  • Increase employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for people of all ages
  • Improve communication and information practices to keep residents better informed on community resources and events.

Age-Friendly Albuquerque Committed Community Partners

We are so thankful and proud of the following community partner organizations and individuals who have pledged an Age-Friendly Commitment Statement:

AARP of New Mexico

New Mexico Philharmonic

Adelante Development Center

New Mexico Alzheimer’s Association

African American Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce

New Mexico Association for Home and Hospice


New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence

Albuquerque Speech and Hearing Center

New Mexico NEW

Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce

New Mexico Telehealth Alliance

American Bone Health

North Campus Community Project

Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico

Oasis of Albuquerque

Catholic Charities

Parkland Village

City of Albuquerque Dept. of Municipal Development



Prime Time

Dell Webb

Rio Grande Credit Union


Road Runner Food Bank

Falls Coalition of New Mexico


Fierce Pride

Senator Bill Tallman

French Funerals

Senior Citizens' Law Office

Home Instead

Senior Health Resource Center


Senior Olympics


Share Your Care

Junior Achievement


Meals on Wheels

Terri O'Hare


United Way of Central New Mexico

New Mexico Caregivers Coalition

UNMH Senior Health Center



We still invite you to complete an Age-Friendly Commitment Statement today!

Can I still participate in Age-Friendly Albuquerque?

Yes! Residents of Albuquerque can still be a part of Age-Friendly Albuquerque. You are invited to complete an Age-Friendly Commitment, Age-Friendly Family Action Plan or our Age-Friendly ABQ Coloring Sheet.

Age-Friendly Albuquerque Commitments

Organizations, businesses, groups and individuals are all invited to complete an Age-Friendly Commitment Statement. This statement helps identify your age-friendly practices and how they contribute to our community. You can find more information about the Age-Friendly Commitment Statement here:

Age-Friendly Commitment

Age-Friendly Family Action Plan

Families and households with young children and teenagers are invited to create their own age-friendly action plan. This plan helps families, young adults and teenagers create simple and practical steps to make their homes, neighborhoods and communities age-friendly. These plans can also be shared with Age-Friendly Albuquerque to be included in the age-friendly designation application to AARP.

Age-Friendly Family Action Plan

Age-Friendly ABQ Coloring Sheet

To encourage participation from our youngest residents, parents and guardians are invited to share the Age-Friendly ABQ Coloring Sheet with their children. This activity asks Albuquerque kids to use their imaginations and draw what they think age-friendly communities look like. Parents can share these coloring pages with Age-Friendly Albuquerque to be included in the designation application to AARP.

Age-Friendly ABQ Coloring Sheet

We hope you will join us on the journey to become One Albuquerque Age-Friendly!