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Contact information for the City of Albuquerque Department of Senior Affairs.

For information about services for seniors in Bernalillo County, call 505-764-6400.

Senior Affairs Activities Catalog

Mission: The Department of Senior Affairs is a community leader, who in partnership with others, involves seniors and people of all ages in creating a community that enhances everyone’s quality of life by providing opportunities to achieve their potential, share their wisdom, maintain their independence, and live in dignity.
Anna Sanchez
(505) 764-6431
[email protected]

Anthony R. Romero
Deputy Director
(505) 764-6406
[email protected]

Deb Brinkley
Associate Director
(505) 764-6456
[email protected]

Andrew Quintana
Senior Personnel/Labor Relations Officer
(505) 764-6419
[email protected]

Timothy Martinez
Nutrition/Transportation Division Manager
(505) 764-6450
[email protected]

Agnes Vallejos
Social Services Division Manager
(505) 764-6430
[email protected]

Karen L. Lopez
Fiscal Manager
(505) 764-6446

[email protected]

Jenifer Gonzales
Executive Assistant
(505) 764-6469
[email protected]

Nikki Peone
Recreation Division Manager
(505) 764-6468
[email protected]

Kinsey Cooper
Marketing Communications Specialist
(505) 764-1024
[email protected]