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UPDATE: Offender Identified - Stagecoach Lane Shooting

Three Children Killed, Mother in Critical Condition

George Daniel Wechsler, 45, is the offender from the Stagecoach Lane Shooting. He was born in October of 1971.

Preliminary investigation reveals he was dating the mother of the children. She broke off the relationship and had repeatedly asked him not to contact her or the kids.

It is believed that Wechsler asked to bring Christmas presents to the children a few days ago, and that the mother refused.

Investigators believe the offender broke in to the family’s home when they weren’t there, and he waited for them to return. He ambushed the family and shot the three children and their mother. The female victim who is 36 years old is still in critical condition.

Wechsler does not have a felony criminal history with the Albuquerque Police Department that investigators have found at this point.

Court records show that Wechsler plead guilty to misdemeanor stalking and misdemeanor assault in 2002.

He was also transported to the hospital and underwent a mental evaluation after threatening to commit suicide in November of 2016.

Wechsler died at the hospital from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Evidence shows the mother fought valiantly to try to save her children and get them out of the house.

Investigators were on scene processing evidence in this case for more than 13 hours.

The Albuquerque Police Department would also like to thank neighbors in the area who were extremely thoughtful, understanding and helpful during this very tragic investigation.



On 12-05-2016 at about 6:30 p.m., the Albuquerque Police Department Foothills Area Command received reports of a shooting and a female calling for help on the 1500 block of Stagecoach LN SE. 

What is known at this time is that a 45-year-old man, whose identity will be released later, went uninvited to his ex-girlfriend’s residence.  It appears he forced his way inside the home while they were not there and was waiting for the family when they arrived.  When the mother, a 36-year-old woman, and her children got home the ex-boyfriend confronted them inside the house.  The offender then shot the three children and their mother.  Evidence shows the mother fought valiantly to try to save her children and get them out of the house. Tragically the three children have died from their injuries.   The mother was severely injured and remains in critical but stable condition in a local hospital.  The offender was transported to the hospital as well where he died from what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. 

Facts concerning a motive, what led up to this shooting, and what happened during the shooting are still being investigated. Evidence is also still being processed.

The children were ages 5 (boy), 6 (girl), and 9 (boy).  Their names as well as the name of their mother will not be released at the request of the family at this time. 

As we stated before the Albuquerque Police Department and the media have the responsibility to report confirmed facts and protect others who will be affected by this incident.  The Albuquerque Public Schools have been advised in order to prepare for any needs of the children who will also be affected. 

The information that was released last night was preliminary to ensure accurate facts and information is disseminated to the public.  We want our community to understand that this tragedy not only affects the family, it  affects our city, the first responders and everyone who knew the victims involved.  Due to this, confirmed information eliminates any misunderstandings or misinformation and possible further harm in this case. 

Detectives are still working on the case today and again when facts are available they will be released. 

We also sincerely ask that you respect the family’s privacy during this very difficult time.